Rewiring your mind with positive thinking

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The power of thoughts is something that has somewhat becomes distorted, with some saying that positive thoughts are enough to change your life. While there is truth to this, it fails to capture the entire picture of what it takes to rewire your thinking. Does that sound confusing? Picture yourself having a wound- saying that it’s not there doesn’t make it disappear. If anything, leaving it untreated invites infection and, left long enough, the need for surgery to remove sickly parts.

The role of positive thinking

Thoughts work the same way. You first require acknowledging that you have a problem with your thinking and address the cause. If you are used to negative self-talk and bringing yourself down, it is helpful to note where it comes from. Now that you have located the wound, you can now adapt positive thoughts that begin to heal the area. An example for women is that weight is often a sensitive topic. When you look back, there is an aspect of body shaming that they have suffered directly or indirectly. You could be working at a business insurance firm but still feel the pressure to have a supermodel’s body.

When you find out why you feel as you do, it becomes easier to direct positive thoughts toward your body. Done consistently, your view of your body changes, and soon you embrace or even change, aspects of your body. Positive thoughts essentially put you in the driver’s seat after years of hearing “how dare you to do that?”

Training your mind to think positively

The change will not come overnight, but the effort to train your brain to think positively is worthwhile. Part of enforcing this change is seen in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). There has been a tendency in the recent past to justify certain aspects about how we are based on our history, but not make a move to change, especially if it’s a negative attribute. With CBT, the purpose is to change thoughts that keep us stuck and propel us to a fuller and healthier life.

Research shows that CBT brings about a rewiring of the neuro-circuitry in our brains to the point where positive thinking becomes natural. It quite literally changes the wiring of the brain. This form of treatment is proven to work for people with mental health disorders that include PTSD, trauma, and depression. If it can work for persons with these ailments, then it most definitely works for the average person.

Importance of retraining your mind

“Gosh! I knew this would happen! I am such an idiot!” and such phrases are what we call self-fulfilling prophecies. If you thought you’re unable to do something, would you give it your all? What if you thought you had a shot, what would your attitude be? You would most certainly apply more effort and perhaps even succeed with some consistency. Therefore, if you wish to change the quality of your life, it begins with your thoughts are they are what runs the show.

The trick is to make realistic yet positive thought declarations, and not merely misguided fantasies.