Sliding Doors: How to Maintain Their Functionality and Reliability

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There are certain areas in the home that naturally attract heavy traffic. For this reason, sliding doors are best entrance door options a homeowner could think of. Sliding doors are quite compatible with different areas of the property. Interestingly, they come in different styles and with absolute functionality and reliability. It is the duty of the homeowner to maintain these qualities. A common method is to add safety measures, which is a maintenance practice to keep doors working properly.

Test existing lock

Just like traditional doors, most sliding doors are fitted with a lock on either side to keep the door fixed to the frame at will. Make sure that you choose a sliding door with functioning lock. Once the lock becomes faulty, ensure you repair or replace as the case may be. To correct any lapses, you can hire a professional door installation company to help you increase the security level of the door so that you can feel safe with the lock always.

Slide locking bar

Being indoors with a well secured and safe door helps you to keep intruders away and by extension, a peaceful rest. Installation of slide locking bars does not only increase the security of your door, it also boosts its functionality. They are bought as wood dowels or metal bars that sit well on the lower door track. Even when the door latch is faulty, slide locking bars keep the door closed and secure. Yet, there are new series of sliding door models that are extra secured along the frame length.

Rollers and door tracks

The ‘railway tracks’ of the door known as rollers and door tracks are quite as important as the door itself. This is because the doors rely on then for sliding motion. Any damage will affect the operations of the door. Regular maintenance practices like cleaning of debris in the track and occasional adjustments for fitness should be done.

The good part is, most sliding doors have rollers that are factory-fitted with adjustment holes for easy compression or expansion of rollers to suit the door operations. The importance of functional rollers is to prevent intruders from lifting the doors from the tracks. It can be worse if the locks are not working properly as well.


In addition, occasional lubrication of the door tracks and rollers ensure an even smoother operation. Aerosol lubricants are the most suitable types. In fact, you can clean specks of dirt in door locks and coat them with the lubricant to prevent rust and damage. Nonetheless, this requires the disengagement of the lock by a professional door installer.

Commercial lock

The reliability and security of the door are two functionalities that are determined by a suitable commercial lock. Commercial locks are the best substitutes for damaged latch locks. Depending on the height of the sliding door, these locks should be installed to supplement latch locks too. Commercial locks comprise steel bolts and a bolt locking system, both of which fall right into place. For extra security, an alarm system should be installed on the door.