What’s The Best Carpet For Your Baby’s Room?

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It seems like new parents have a million things to think and worry about when they are expecting their little bundle of joy to come home. So it may seem like a little thing to consider nursery flooring options among the most important, yet overlooking this essential aspect of your baby’s room can actually be a mistake in the long run.

Hardwood or carpet? It’s a debate that mom’s and dad’s must wrestle with as they are preparing their nurseries and while the former offers many benefits (particularly where clean up is concerned), it’s the latter that is really the best choice in most every instance. That’s because carpet is a soft surface that is safest for babies.

Your infant is going to spend a lot of time crawling around on all fours before he or she can walk. Providing your little one with a soft carpet upon which to crawl, roll, and play will cut down on skinned knees and hard landings when baby attempts to stand up only to fall back down again.

All this begs the question, of course, as to the best carpet for the nursery. Much of this decision is going to bring personal preference and interior décor into play, however, there are some technical specs you should consider in between flipping through books of carpet samples.

Wear and Tear

First things first, the carpet is going to be expected to withstand some modicum of abuse, from you and the baby in equal measure. Think about all of the messy things you are likely going to be doing in that room, from feedings to diaper changes, the carpet you install in the nursery will need to be able to stand up to all of it.

So be sure whatever carpet you buy has some kind of stain-resistance. Whether it comes equipped with the carpet you choose or you apply a protectant after installation, this is an essential component that must be a part of the carpet you select. Carpet cleaning in Manhattan Beach will go a lot easier when stains are prevented from setting in.

Long-Lasting Resilience

A stain resistant carpet looks better for much longer. But that’s not the only thing you can do for ensuring that your carpeting maintains it’s appearance. As you go through your options for carpet in the nursery, be sure it’s made of high-quality fibers and comes with a warranty. Buying a better quality carpet is making an investment in the beauty of your home that will endure well after your little one has outgrown those diapers.

Volatile Organic Compounds

The carpet you purchase is made of fibers that are sourced from any number of places. The decision to go with a natural fiber carpet over a synthetic alternative is something most new parents choose because it reduces the number of volatile organic compounds in the material. These VOC’s are made up of chemicals that can become airborne and breathed in by anyone spending time in the room where the carpet is installed. More specifically, your baby.

Keep these VOC’s in mind as you explore your carpeting options and consider going with natural over synthetic for the nursery.