Snapchat Hacking for Your Choices

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How to hack Snapchat? Here’s a question that some Snapchat users are asking themselves. How to hack Snapchat from my boyfriend to find out if he is faithful? How to hack Snapchat to control what my teen is doing on his smartphone?

The first thing the user does is usually trying to find the answer by doing a Google search. Guess what? Well, on the whole first page of the result, there’s a big list of scammers who promise to get videos, photos and chat logs from any Snapchat account. A visit to the whole process perfect now.

There are loads of scams of all kinds on the first page of Google. But, sorry to tell you that these sites give you false hopes and all these programs are created in order to recover your Snapchat password, to steal your money or to take control of your smartphone.

So how to hack a Snapchat account?

A direct hacking program does not exist. In no case will there be a miracle that will make you hack a person.

However, 100% computer security does not exist. So to really hack a Snapchat account, you have to be patient and smart. If you want specialized tools, you can for example direct you to the Kali Linux distribution.

Hacking a mobile phone with SMStrackers

  • This technique consists in exploiting the flaws of the Android system, iOS or applications installed in it.
  • Every day, new security holes are discovered by hackers on Android and iOS systems. These flaws are exploitable and thus allow a person to take full control of a smartphone or tablet.
  • To exploit these flaws, an attacker creates a malicious APK application and sends it to a victim. Once the application is installed on the smartphone of the victim, it is easy to take control of his smartphone and recover his photos and videos Snapchat.

For this, hackers use the SMStrackers tool

It is a tool for developing and executing exploits against a remote machine. It contains hundreds of exploits and will attack any type of machine.

If you want to test this method on your phone and you have a Windows computer then I advise you to use a virtual machine running Kali Linux. Just download VMware and an image of Kali Linux. SMStrackers is already pre-installed on it. Here’s how to install Kali Linux on a Windows machine with VMware.


Commands used to hack a mobile remotely

First of all, we will open the Kali Linux terminal then we will create the APK-TROJAN (this is the application we will send to the target).

After we open another terminal and launch SMStrackers to configure our APK.


Here is the module is well configured, it remains now to send the APK to a victim using social engineering. When the victim installs the application on their mobile, SMStrackers will tell you something like this:


We just have to open a remote SMStrackers session on the mobile of the victim:

We now have total control of the smartphone. For example: we can make remote screenshots of the Snapchat app:

  • Hacking a Snapchat account is not easy at all. This technique is not 100% reliable. If the target is well protected, you will have nothing to do.
  • If you have additions to make this page a database about Snapchat, feel free to post your comment.