The Big Reasons to Thankful That You Were Born in the Modern Age

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Humans have a nature of never being fully satisfied of anything. You give them what they want and they will ask for more. Give them more and they will demand something else. Same is the case with people today. You will often find people complaining about modern lifestyle and admiring the lifestyle of the past. While the old lifestyle had its pros, you still can’t compare it to the modern lifestyle and the many perks it offers. Let’s explore.

Why Modern Lifestyle Is the Best

You Can Express Your Grief

If a business did not treat you well in the past, you could not do much about it. You could create a scene on the spot, but that was about it. Today, you can leave your feedback on the internet and let millions of people discover it. Your words matter more than anything today.  

You Can Shop from Home

Yes, there is nothing more satisfying and exciting than wandering in a shopping mall looking at all the amazing brand shops. However, you don’t always have the time to do that. Perhaps, it is too hot outside and you want to avoid the weather. Order from home and get the item delivered at your doorstep within hours through same-day delivery.

You Can See Everyone and Everything

Today, you can see everyone and everything, thanks to the modern communication methods. You had TV in the past but it did not let you interact with others live. Now you can talk to anyone you like, know about them, explore their culture, and do more. Things you had to spent thousands of dollars for to visit are now there for you to see live through live 3D tours online.

Your Treatments Are Safer

That’s where things seem a lot improved. Today, you can get healthcare treatments in the most advanced forms. You don’t have to feel the pain or live with huge scars as a token to remember some treatment in the past. A quick comparison of ancient and modern dental care practices will give you a great idea of how things are so much better today.

Your Videos Are Better

Would you like to watch your favorite tennis player’s winning highlights in 144p? That wouldn’t be a very pleasant sight, would it? If you are able to watch your favorite programming in high quality resolution, it is because the video and internet technologies have improved significantly in the past few years. For some people, just the thought of watching 144p videos might be enough to prevent them from thinking of being born in the old times.

Bottom Line

Humans should be thankful for what they have rather than worrying about things they don’t. In fact, the very reason you can share your thoughts around the world and find people who think like you is because of the modern internet technology that you are using today. The things you should carry forward from the old times are a tolerant attitude, a happy personality, and the love for others.