The Essential Clothing List for your Hiking Trip Needs

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Are you planning to leave for your hiking trip, you should not leave without proper hiking gear. It has been imperative that you keep your clothes adequate and based on where you are hiking. Mr. Tyler Grasham has provided some essential clothing list suitable to your specific hiking needs.

  • Base layer

In case, you were traveling to cold weather conditions, you should add a layer of insulated clothing underneath your hiking pants and top. The base layer should be quick-drying and sweat-resistant.

  • Hiking pants

If you were into serious backcountry hiking trip, you should consider heavy-duty hiking pants. However, the pants should be durable, lightweight, and provide adequate protection to you from cold and hot climates.

  • Hiking underwear

Your favorite underwear may be highly comfortable. However, are they designed to withstand lengthy trips? It would be in your best interest to search for underwear that offers features such as odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. Women should search for a sports bra that is soft, supportive, and quick drying. It should not cause chafing.

  • Jacket

Despite it appearing to be a warm day, you should pack a jacket on hiking trips, especially when you were looking forward to hiking above the tree line. The weather could change relatively quickly. You should carry a jacket that provides you with adequate warmth and is also resistant to strong winds.

  • Hiking shirts

In event of you carrying a backpack, you should ensure to wear a specifically designed hiking shirt that prevents any kind of irritation occurring from the straps of the backpack. For a warmer climate, you should look for moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor control features in your hiking shirts.

Mr. Tyler Grasham would also lay emphasis on carrying odor-resistant and moisture-wicking socks, gloves, gaiters, sunglasses, hat, and hiking tights. These would be essential to keep you safe during adverse conditions.