Tips for sensitive skin

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Maintaining beautiful skin is a really tough task. The scorching heat and pollution in the environment constantly attack your skin. There are few people who are born with glowing skin. The rest of us need to put in hard work to get clear and glowing skin. This is especially true if your skin is sensitive. If that is the case then you should read this article and check out the beauty tips for sensitive skin.

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1. Watch what you’re buying

Sensitive skin unfortunately does not react well with all types of ingredients that are present in the products. It is very important to know the ingredients present in the product you’re buying to avoid any skin irritation which can occur after using. Many beauty spas do skin tests just to find out the right product that suits your skin type. Once you have found out your skin type you can buy natural skin care products that suit your specific type.

2. Skin test for sensitive skin

It is very important to have a skin test done before using a new product on your face or trying a new brand of cosmetic. Just put a small amount on your arm for 48 hours to see any skin reaction.

  1. Stay away from dangerous chemicals in your kitchen

Dish soap is a product with underestimated health effects. This is because conventional dish soaps are laden with dangerous ingredients such as SLS, a proven carcinogen that enters your skin when you do the dishes. But this is not where it stops. They leave behind a chemical film on your dishes that mixes in with your next meal. That is not what you want to end up in your body, right? Luckily there are some dish soaps out there that do a good job. Using truly natural dishwashing soap will keep dangerous ingredients at large. Here’s a short video that will explain a few things about natural dish soap.

3. Moisturize your skin

Having a healthy skin care regime is very important for all skin types, especially the sensitive skin types that require lots of water to prevent dehydration. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin. Many cosmetic companies have come out with special moisturizing creams specially made for sensitive skin. Try one of them to get good results.

4. Choose your food carefully

This is something that you read in every post about clear skin. It is very important to check your diet. Healthy eating habits flush out toxins and give you glowing skin. Drink lots of water and fresh juices to keep your skin hydrated. This is the most important beauty tip for sensitive skin. Some foods may react badly on your skin and increase the sensitivity. Make sure you avoid them.

5. Keep away from the sun

Too much heat damages skin cells and can often cause skin rashes and diseases. Harmful rays of the sun should be avoided by wearing sunglasses and using sunscreen lotions with high SPF. Also out of the sun as much as possible.