Tips to include wall mounted TV and shelves in the decor

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Most of us have a tough time deciding how to choose TV brackets with shelf. And even after we figure that out, we have confusion in deciding which one would eventually be the best for us. How you design the wall mounted TV and shelves completely depends on the interior of the room, you will be placing it in. TV bracket with shelves can play an important role in improving the interior decoration of the house because it is convenient and does not portray enough contrast within the room.

Wall brick

The background of your wall mounted TV should be one effective piece that can match the whole interiors. Nothing can be better than choosing a brick wall. You don’t need to exaggerate the background. Therefore, you can simply paint the background of the TV bracket with a shelf in a subtle manner. Then, you can add a few intricate patterns to highlight the design of a brick on the wall. This will be one unique addition to your house.

Put up an extra wide shelf

You don’t need to stick to the traditional rule of a thin shelf to stand out from others. You can also place an extra wide shelf to complement the look of your large screen. Not only will this help to enhance the look, but will prove to be extremely functional as well. This is because you will be able to store a lot of things in the compartments of the shelf.

Feature wall

If you want a look that is trendy and at the same time functional, then nothing can be better than feature walls. Feature walls are almost similar to the fireplace wall. If you have these in your house, you can easily understand the difference between TV walls and the other walls. Beneath the wall mounted TV, you can place a few shelves to display your belongings and for increasing the space. This will help to enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Place a wall divider

Many people don’t want to mount their TV on the existing walls and prefer mounting it somewhere else. If you are one of them, then this idea is the most suitable one for you. You can place a wall divider with a simple look. Based on your personal preference, you may choose the kind of divider you want. Generally, people prefer wooden slats with steel poles for their TV bracket with shelf. These are vertically very tall,and TV can be easily mounted on them.

Open shelves

Not many may know,but TV brackets with open shelves can be one great idea for customizing your house. You can choose open shelves of different dimensions based on your requirements and then alternate them with closed spaces. You can use these for placing your speakers and other belongings. If not so, you can even contrast them with a fireplace wall for a better look.

You can try out several ways to enhance the overall look of your interiors with TV stand with shelf. The background has a major role to play in that, so you need to focus on that the most.