Top 8 Ball Pool Players & Influencers You Need to Follow

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The 8 ball pool is one of the variants of billiards games with the highest number of fans. Most people like this game because of its versatility and average turns time. Of course, if you are a pool fan, there are 8 ball top players and influencers that you may like to follow. The 8 ball pool is also available on the Getmega website and app. If you are an expert, this is the platform to show off your skills.

There is something special when you get associated with a top player of your favorite game. This article will avail you of the top 8 ballplayers and influencers that you can follow to receive endless game gigs.

Top 8 ball players

If you have tried to play 8 ball pool, you can assure that it is not easy to make a shot, especially complex. However, there are those players that have been able to master the game to the extent that there is no hard move for them. They can shoot the most complex shots and possess undeniable skills.

The following are the top 8 ball players that you can’t miss to follow if you are an 8 ball pool fan.

Elfen Reyes

Reyes has always been the best 8 ball pool top player. He is from Asia. Reyes has strategic and well-calculated shots that are huge fun when watching. He has managed to win the world pool league twice. He has also won 14 championships in Derby city. Follow Reyes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at Elfen Reyes.

Ralph Greenleaf

At the top 2 is ralph Greenleaf. He comes from Illinois, USA. He has outstanding skills in the pool that have taken him to the top position as the best 8 ball pool player. He has won 20 8 ball pool championships in his career. This guy can shoot the most complex shot that may look impossible. He also positioned one in the America Hall of fame during the billiard congress.

Willie Mosconi

This is another famous 8 ball pool player from Philadelphia in the USA. He holds the world record of pocketing over 500 balls in one turn without missing a pocket. He has won 15 awards in pool championships in his career. His shots are well calculated, and he got over a million players perplexed by his skills. He earned his nickname (Mr. pocket billiard) in America Hall of fame during Billiard.

Luther Lassiter 

Luther Lassiter is another top 8 ball pool player. Luther is from North Carolina, and he is known for making incredibly complex shots. A lot of people adore him as a legend in pool games. He has also participated in billiard congress, which was the path to be rated a top player.

Rudolf Wanderon

Surprisingly Luther and Rudolf are brothers. He is the source of inspiration to many pool players across the world. He has been the best in all the competition leagues he participates in. Rudolf has won over 20 championships throughout his career.

Top 8 ball pool influencers that you can follow.

Do you want pool-related content? There are people whose main work on the website is to upload about 8 ball pools and other related content. May it be on YouTube, Google, or other search engines, these people are there. The following are the top 8 ball influencers to follow.

  • 8 ball pool king
  • Miniclip
  • Deepak
  • Horlly33bak
  • Amit 434


8 ball pool popularity doesn’t seem to go down soon because it is receiving new players every day. If you are an expert in 8 ball pool, do not waste your talent because you can participate in Getmega 8 ball pool and win some cash. Ensure you follow the following 8 ball pool top players and influencers for more knowledge.

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