Top Free Video Converters

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Most of us at least once faced with the need to convert the format of video files. For example, it may be necessary to view a file on a mobile device, publish a video on the Internet, or compress it. Below is a selection of free and effective video conversion applications.

Any Video Converter (AVC)

Any Video Converter (AVC) represents, perhaps, the best free application capable of performing any conversions – from DivX and MPEG4 to VOB and over 60 other input formats (including 4K) – all in a very attractive and simple interface. The application allows you to define output formats, provides batch processing of several convertible files at once, and saves all the converted video to a special folder, which simplifies access and further work with files.

AVC can extract and convert audio from any video to MP3, AAC, WAVE and some other formats. In addition, the program allows you to download and convert videos from YouTube and Google.


The Handbrake application was created for the BeOS operating system by developer Eric Petit and was not very successful. However, the application was subsequently improved in accordance with modern requirements.

Now the updated open source video converter has one of the most extensive fragmentation packages and converting video files for playback on many popular devices, including iPhones, AppleTV and Android tablets, and has no equal in converting files to MP4 or MKV formats. The application has a user-friendly interface that contains many tabs of the menu for additional functions and is designed so that it will not be difficult for any user familiar with Windows or MacOS to figure it out.

DivX video converter

The DivX video converter application offers a large number of useful built-in functions for input and output formats, as well as file editing tools for conversion. Although the program is persistently trying to convince of the need to download a premium version, the free application works quite well. The interface is very clear and offers great opportunities for output formats.

You can add files from a local disk or import them directly from a Blu-ray disc. For users who want to edit files that are stored remotely, the application supports Google Drive and DropBox. The set of output profiles provides a large number of pre-configured options, and you can optionally edit the final file according to your preferences — in particular, you can choose the resolution, change the image format, and transfer speed.

Not all users want to download applications for converting files to their computers. One of the best online tools for easy download and conversion is the AnyConv application. Currently, AnyConv supports more than 200 different formats, which, in addition to video, include formats for document files, images and e-books.