Top Late-Night Food Spots in Madrid

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Madrid is late-night city and certainly knows how to bash. Nightlife scenario is notorious with lively bars, strong cocktails, and mega clubs, which lure party creatures to celebrate from nightfall to sunrise.

You can kick the night off with tapas and canas at stylish bars, and cocktail establishments. Get those feet dancing at live music venue and stumble out just before dawn. However, you will need to eat and gain some strength to walk home or to a metro station.

Top late nigh food spots in Madrid

The Good Burger

Visit the Good Burger for a late-night craving to taste the famous American Burger. This food joint is open 24 hours daily on weekends. In Malasaña, it is tucked in a corner and serves as an ideal kit to prevent any hangover in speed.

Chocolatería San Ginés

This most legendary café in Madrid has been serving churros for more than a century. It is open 24/7. A perfect place to grab breakfast prior going home, after some crazy dancing all night.

24/7 Carrefour 

You can even add pizza, kebab, and tacos to your food list available under a single roof. 24/7 Carrefour has three branches at separate locations, where you can grab a Nocilla jar and box of cereal.

Lady Pepa

Lady Pepa is a basement Italian restaurant that opens late evenings from 12 am to 8 am. An old man serenades the noisy diners on a piano playing the classic American and Spanish Ballard’s. The spot serves best spaghetti Bolognese but the atmosphere is not speakeasy.

Ten Ten Pie

Ten Ten Pie offers delicious falafel and döner along with fresh vegetables and for sweetness garnishes it with pomegranate hummus.

Madrelenians are passionate about their traditional food and culture. Madrid food tours are designed to show tourists the genuine Spanish gastronomy.