How to Open a Bottle of Champagne?

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We always take out a bottle of champagne to celebrate a special event such as a birthday, a wedding or a professional success. In this respect, the opening of the bottle remains very symbolic. It must be done in accordance with all the proper rules to mark the occasion. Let’s see the steps to follow to open a bottle of champagne properly.

Remove de Foil and the Metal Cage

After buying a luxury bottle like a great ruinart champagne, the first step of the opening is to remove the foil and the metal cage. To do so, you need to pull off the foil wrap which covers the cork. Now you can untwist the wire loop in order to release the wire cage which protects the cork. Do it gently and as slowly as possible. Then, keep you thumb on the cork so that you can avoid unwanted pop. Try not to take off the wire cage until the bottle of champagne is about to be opened. This helps keep the cork in place as long as you want.

Hold the Bottle Correctly

Hold the bottle comfortably and confidently in your dominant hand. Use the other hand to grab the bulbous end of the cork. For better support, you can put the base of the bottle against your hip. If you want, you can hold the cork with a clean towel in order to apply better friction. This way, it will be easier for you to catch and hold the cork when it pops out of the bottle. Plus, the towel will protect you and your clothes if the champagne spills.

Twist the Bottle and Hold the Cork

This step is surely the most technical of all! You can now slowly turn your bottle of champagne back and forth with your dominant hand. Stay gentle and focused! Your other hand should still hold the cork firmly to make it also turn. As you do this, put more and more distance between your two hands until the dominant hand reaches almost the bottom of the bottle. This technique works for any type of champagne. By the way, go to this site to learn how to choose the right champagne or wine for you!

Pop the Champagne!

The way you pop the bottle depends on the situation and your preference. Open the bottle gently if you do not want too much spill. For this purpose, press you thumb slowly up from beneath the lip of the cork to remove it smoothly. You can let the cork pop dramatically by pushing firmly it with your thumb for a more festive atmosphere. You can also shake the bottle just before for a better effect.