Comfortable Telephone Booths for Offices

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In offices, noise can interfere with daily work. The resulting noise is influenced by the employees and equipment, such as a printer. The solution to this problem is to use Phone Booth Offices in offices. These are unique mobile workstations where employees can carry out telephone conversations in peace or think about problems arising during work. 

The primary purpose of the Phone Booths is to provide peace and quiet, so they need to be prepared accordingly. They are made of double glazing and coated with a special acoustic foil. They are finished inside with a soft material that dampens sounds and noises to ensure full soundproofing. In addition, the Phone Booth Office is equipped with a tabletop for standing work and a small locker for comfortable seating. Power sockets and USB ports can also be found among the equipment.


Phone Booth Offices are characterized by a very high degree of mobility. Depending on the employees’ current needs, they can be used in any part of the office. Most customers choose to purchase models at most 2 square meters in area. Our offer also includes other, larger models, which are often also used as mini conference rooms. Therefore, when choosing a telephone booth, it is worth checking exactly what weight and size it has, and it is best to contact our consultant, who, thanks to his experience, will allow everyone to choose the version best suited to their needs.

Telephone booth illumination

To do your job, proper lighting is essential. The best solution in offices is to use LED lighting and energy-efficient fluorescent tubes with a warm color. It should be similar to sunlight. This type of lighting contributes to the lack of visual fatigue, so work takes place in full concentration and comfort for the employee.


Phone Booth Offices fulfill their function, necessary need to be fully sealed. Otherwise, sounds would escape to the outside and enter the inside. This is why a special ventilation system has been developed for office booths. Some of the models on offer have air conditioning. When deciding to purchase a particular product, it is worth checking what specific parameters and equipment it has.

Functionality meets design

When choosing from the ever-increasing range of materials and colors, we should remember the functionality of this type of room above all. See specialist advice on soundproofing and ensuring adequate acoustics to avoid the “well” effect or sound leaking. Ventilation is also important – a booth will stand empty if it is stuffy inside.

Last but not least, it is important to choose a design that matches the color scheme and style of the surroundings so that the rooms form a coherent whole with the rest of the office space and add to its character. Finally, creating a list of rules for using the new workstations is a good idea, preferably involving employees in the process. After all, changing the physical space is the first step in the change process leading to the ideal office.

In conclusion, the trend towards designing modern offices with dedicated call areas is a win-win – employees get a space tailored to their needs, and employers respond to the needs of their employees. Workplace comfort never goes out of fashion!