Trenbolone without the needles

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For people who constantly work out, there are times wherein the development isn’t fast enough for them; this is especially true in the case of athletes and bodybuilders who are looking for faster gains, whether in physical appearance or physical performance which is why some of these individuals often resort to using anabolic steroids. While still often considered taboo and cannot be purchased over the counter without a prescription, there are of course, ways to get your hands on them.

One of the most sought after anabolic steroids is Trenbolone since it is one of the strongest and most potent anabolic steroids that can offer some of the most impressive gains, ever. One thing about Trenbolone though is that it is an injectable which can be quite a hassle for a few people, people who don’t want to puncture their skins from time to time. These people often turn to an alternative, Trenabol. But what exactly is Trenabol? Is it a pro-hormone or an anabolic androgenic steroid?

Which is it, really?

Some say that Trenabol is a prohormone while others market the substance as an anabolic androgenic steroid. Well, truthfully speaking, Trenabol is a bit of both. Many athletes and bodybuilders prefer using this compared to Trenbolone since it is believed that when taken, Trenabol has the ability to convert into Trenbolone when already inside the body, giving the athletes or bodybuilders the effects of one of the most powerful anabolic androgenic steroids in the world without having to stick a needle into them.

Needle-less gains

Basically, when taking Trenabol, you are getting the same effects that you get when taking Trenbolone without needing to inject yourself once in a while with needles. Boosting muscle growth, as well as the maintenance of lean muscle mass just got easier with Trenabol. Other significant effects that this pro-hormone slash anabolic steroid gives you is increased red blood cell production which is vital in keeping your muscles from getting easily fatigued through production of oxygen, giving you more energy. This combined with enhanced nitrogen retention gives the user a more well-rounded and enhanced muscle development.

Proper dosing is important

Since the pro-hormone/steroid is quite potent, proper dosage is an important factor when taking it. Of course, different people require different dosages to get the exact effects they are looking for but if you are just starting to take Trenabol, it is best to start from the lowest recommended dosage which is 50 mg daily and slowly up the dosage in small increments up to around 100mg per day.

Because of the nature of the steroid being potent, women aren’t recommended to use it since they are putting themselves at risk of getting symptoms of virility. One other factor that’s important to keep in mind that when taking steroids, there will always be side effects and because of the potent nature of this steroid, individuals are more prone to the side effects if not used accordingly.