What is Full Root Access in Dedicated Server Hosting?

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In the crowded world of web hosting, Dedicated Servers rule the performance chart. In fact, a Dedicated Linux Server is good as it gets in terms of raw performance. Of course, it is the most expensive hosting option. But along with the incredibly powerful infrastructure, you are also paying for privacy and exclusive access to server resources. And for some businesses, they are worth the price they command.

One of the biggest advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting, bigger perhaps than the privacy and exclusivity, is the complete, unhindered control it offers over your hosting environment. A Dedicated Hosting Server allows you full root access to customise your hosting as you see fit. It lets you make the most efficient use of available resources. But you need the expertise to make the most of it.

Let’s take a look at what full root access in Dedicated Server Hosting gets you.

What to expect with root access in Dedicated Server Hosting?

A Dedicated Server in India and elsewhere is nothing but a computer with enterprise-grade hardware and all the supporting software. Regardless of which operating system it runs, every server has a root directory where all its system files and all other important data is stored. Access to this directory is restricted for regular users. Only one user has access; ‘Root User’ in Linux and ‘Administrator’ in WIndows. A root user or administrator gets the full privilege of making all types of changes to the server.

What are the privileges of a root user?

Dedicated Hosting in India is not as well-known as shared or other forms of hosting. The biggest reason is the price. But for the businesses that value privacy and security, it is a price worth paying. Full customizability is just a bonus. But what a bonus it is! A root user is an ultimate authority in Dedicated Server Hosting and they enjoy the following privileges.

  • Add, modify and delete any file.
  • Make any change to a system file.
  • Add, remove and change account permissions.
  • Install any software.
  • Customise and fine-tune software configurations.

What are the benefits of root access?

Root access is a powerful tool. With other forms of hosting, you only have control over your website and minimal control over your hosting environment. With the root access that Dedicated Server Hosting offers, the website administrator can tweak settings that are usually inaccessible. They can configure cPanel CronJobs, update preferences, configure initial quota, set up statistics software, grant cPanel support access and change Hostname.

On the security side of things, they can configure security policies, set up cPHulk Brute Force Protection, manage root’s SSH keys, manage external authentications and control SMTP restrictions. Root access also plays a role in reseller management where it allows following operations.

  • Change ownership of one or multiple accounts
  • Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges
  • Manage Reseller’s IP delegation
  • Manage Reseller shared IP
  • View Reseller usage
  • Manage account status

These are only some of the benefits of root access. But they give you a pretty good idea about the power it offers.

Dedicated Server Hosting may be expensive, but it is worth all the extra money you spend. Want to know why? Check out the following video: