What Makes Linux Hosting Cheaper Than Windows Hosting?

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Shared hosting is the king when it comes to choosing an affordable hosting plan. Every type of web hosting service has its unique characteristics and features that set it apart from others. For example, where shared hosting provides affordability and reliability, dedicated server hosting offers uncompromising performance. Both sit at the opposite ends of the web hosting pricing spectrum. But each hosting plan can be the right choice for a different set of website owners.

Similar to segregating by the technology it uses, hosting can also be categorised by the operating system. Different operating systems can power the same type of hosting platform. All hosting platforms can use either Linux or Windows operating systems. Apart from the differences in performance, the Linux variant is always cheaper than the Windows version.

Let’s look at the reasons that make Linux Hosting cheaper than Windows hosting.

  1. It is open source

Windows is a proprietary operating system that charges a license fee for use. Linux, on the other hand, is an open-source operating system that charges no such fee. Cost-wise, this is the biggest difference between the two. Hosting providers pass on the cost of licensing fee to their customers, which adds to the cost of the hosting plans.

  1. It is modular

Linux is a modular operating system which essentially means that you can add extra functionalities through easy-to-use plugins. All these plugins and extensions are also open source, and almost all of them are free to use. Windows is modular to a certain extent, but its plugins, like the operating system, are also proprietary. So site owners end up paying extra for adding crucial functionalities.

  1. It is efficient

Linux hosting with cPanel is often easier to maintain and costs less than maintaining a Windows hosting server. The ease of maintenance results in improved efficiency, which in turn keeps unexpected downtimes to a minimum. Lesser downtimes equal less spending on maintenance and more savings on associated costs. Thus, while it may not be obvious, efficiency is a major reason for Linux hosting’s lower prices.

  1. It is reliable

As an operating system, Linux deeply supports a web hosting environment. The best Linux hosting offers robust reliability that keeps maintenance cycles to a minimum. If you consider the average, a Linux web hosting server requires a significantly lesser number of reboots to keep functioning at peak performance. Thus, the reduction of time spent in more frequent reboots results in more savings, keeping the prices low.

  1. It is customisable

Since Linux is an open-source operating system, it allows site owners to modify behaviour or add customised functionality. Windows offers no such access to its source code. If you want to add any functionality to your website, you must purchase and install the appropriate plugin. It adds to the overall cost. And many a-times, an extra module may not even completely fulfil your requirements.

Regardless of your choice of hosting platform, you will have to choose between Windows and Linux. While that choice will be based on your specific requirements, it can also be the other way round.