Who’s calling: get to know all the details with reverse lookup

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In case you have looked at an unknown caller id and wondered who is calling you (which I am sure we all have), here’s the solution for you.

Finding out who is the owner of a phone number has never been so easy. With checkthem.com, you can find out the person’s name along with their address on the internet.  Although using reverse phone lookup is easier in comparison to mobile phone numbers, one can retrieve a lot of information by using this feature.

How does it work?

A U.S. phone number is comprised of three components:

  • Area code – regulated by NANPA (North American Number Plan Administration) is a three-digit number which helps to identify the state or a place within the state.
  • Prefix- a three-digit number that originally refers to a specific part of a phone company’s system of switching.
  • Line number- the last four digit are for specifying a unique line which is associated with that particular number.

Typing “reverse phone lookup” in any search engine which gives you a list of various sites which provide you with the service of reverse phone lookup. Once you enter the particular website and feed the number, you will be given the name, address, and along with it, a link to map with driving directions. But in case of you want to get more information, you need to pay for the services. Once you select a scheme, you can get your hands on any unlisted cell phones and numbers in the name of the person along with other personal information. In case you want any of these services, you can choose from individual pay or an annual fee structure.

But it should be kept in mind that reverse phone lookup does not come for free when you are looking for cell phone numbers.

Why not?

You must be wondering, if landline numbers can be made free, why not mobile phone numbers? Cell phone numbers are issued by cell phone companies instead of interlocking system concerning regional phone companies like landline numbers. Hence phone numbers and any user based informations even more difficult to get any access to and convert it into any online database which can be made searchable. Again, some users value their privacy and do not want to be accessed by anyone and everyone.

Is it legal to use reverse phone lookup?

It is completely legal to use reverse phone lookup in the United States. One can have access to information by using reverse phone lookup on with no distinction on the kind of phone. Although privacy advocates has raised their voice against accessing some number (especially switch to boost mobile and get a free phone).

However outside the U.S. province, it depends on each countries laws as issues regarding privacy have led to passing laws which have made phone numbers inaccessible. For example, UK does not permit these services outside of law enforcement and emergency services.

Where to find it?

You can easily type “reverse phone lookup” in Apple store or Google Play Store and find a handful of option who provide you with paid and free service.