Why are Neon Lights Used for Commercial Signs?

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In the 1980s and 1990s neon lights fell out of business, but in this century, they are back and are a very popular choice for restaurants, retail storefronts, and even service businesses. You will find them in small “open” signs to complex art installations. The neon light communicates very well with urgency and style.

A Little History

Lighted glass tubes were also available in the 1600s, but neon lights came into existence just over a century ago. In 1904 Sir William Ramsay got Nobel Prize in Chemistry because he discovered new gases and that includes neon.

By 1910, French engineer Georges Claude developed the neon light. Claude’s company companion marketed the first neon indicator for business to a barber in Paris two years later on.


Neon indicators have attracted attention considering that 1912 for their capacity to be seen well by clients, even during daylight hours. Outside neon signs commonly match vibrant backdrops to develop streetscape signage and useful artworks. High visibility made them popular throughout the growth of America’s roadside society in the 1950s and 1960s. Lots of organizations utilize neon indications to assist passers-by in choosing. As an example, hotels commonly make use of neon “openings” signs to entice vacationers.


Though neon signs have actually altered little because their introduction to America and Europe in the 1920s, neon isn’t constantly an element of these prominent marketing tools. As designers led a resurgence of neon signs in the late 1990s, designers advanced the procedure of making use of different gas mixtures to broaden signs’ shade spectrums. A “neon” sign may consist of helium, carbon dioxide or argon, depending on the shade. LED and fiber optic technologies now allow for extra efficient signs, commonly formed right into acquainted, neon-like types.


Owners of vintage neon signs currently draw in spectators along with customers. Remediation societies and historical compensations work hard to preserve some of the nation’s most precious and distinct neon indicators, bringing reputation to a business that has kept them over the years. From an extra sensible perspective, neon signs have become an expected and universally comprehended method of connecting whether a store is truly open for organization.