Why Go for Cold Vault Storage

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A real fur coat protects you from cold, snow, sleet, and ice. It sees you through the most dreaded of winters. For the rest of the year, it’s your duty to take care of the fur against bugs, heat, and humidity. You won’t want to see your fur coat drying and dying slowly.

Although one may be drawn to keep the opulent possession close to them even during the off-season, storing a fur coat at home can be pretty tedious and tricky as well. Fur demands little extra care which the professionals offering the fur coat storage services can do better.

Let’s browse through a set of reasons why keeping your furs at a cold vault store is safer than stacking them in your wardrobe.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for fur storage is around 16 degrees. Despite all efforts, it may get difficult to ensure a suitable temperature in your wardrobe. You may try to build a closet in the bedroom where the inflow of light and heat is usually the minimum. But, can you have any control over nature’s phenomenon? On days of unforgiving summers, your fur shall have to suffer. Unless you can install a remote-controlled air conditioner in the wardrobe, it isn’t possible to guard your fur coat against the fluctuating temperature.

Professional cold vaults, on the other hand, take persistent care to assure an ideal storage temperature.

Humidity: The fur coat will stay soft, shiny, and wearable when stored under conditions where humidity doesn’t shoot above 50%. Excess humidity would cause the pelts to rot. So, what’s the possibility of assuring such mathematically precise level of moisture in your wardrobe? Limp, right? It’s better to leave it on the professionals to take the hassles.

Room: It’s almost a blasphemy to fold and stow the fur coat into a cramped wardrobe. Your luxurious possession demands luxurious space. The fur coat must be slung from a sturdy hanger and placed into the wardrobe with enough free room. Can you afford to build an extra panel in the closet for your fur? If not, you know whom to trust.

Bugs: Regular closets are prone to bugs, like moths and spiders. If you think mothballs can help, well, they exude chemical toxins and fume which are detrimental to the health of the organic furs.

One might prefer to install a cedar closet at home. The smell of cedar keeps the bugs at bay. But, cedar has a quality to absorb all the moisture from the air. A cedar closet lacks proper air circulation. Real fur, on the other hand, needs good air circulation and the right amount of moisture in the air. Lack of enough air and moisture can rob the fur of its natural oils and also leave behind a cedar odor forever.

The cold vaults at a professional fur coat storage house use Avante-Garde cold storage technology. They make sure that the fur coats last longer and retain their moisture and softness for years to come.