10 Ways A Woman Can Be Naughty To Turn A Man On

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Meeting people and dating is difficult in our modern society when the world demands that everyone works overtime and the recession keeps everyone at home. It’s even harder to meet people who are out of the ordinary – extraordinary, even — when you date the people you meet in the ordinary singles scene. So, when you finally deem your best friend’s brother undateable and awkward blind dates become monotonous, the internet offers a different kind of dating scene. Sites like Subs and Doms provide an alternative way to meeting people.

Every good man fantasizes about bad girls. What follow is a list of 10 ways a woman can make a man go wild. 

  1. Text Messages

Cell phones are private little portals that open up a whole world of opportunity for naughty messages. Send him a message when he is in a business meeting or out with his friends and tell him exactly what you want to do to him when he gets home. He’ll squirm as he tries to conceal his anticipation.


  1. Hidden Notes

If you live together, pack a lunch for him. Write something sexy on the skin of a banana for a midday snack he’ll savor until he savors you. 

  1. Sexy Phone Voice

Call him at the office and tell him about your desires in a low moan. Even better if you speak a foreign language: tell him what you want to do to him in a tongue he doesn’t understand and then challenge him to figure it out without a dictionary. 

  1. Body Language

Vocal communication of your wants and needs are second only to what you can communicate through body language. Push yourself against his body and get his mind thinking about how you would feel. 

  1. Lingerie

There’s a reason why Victoria’s Secret Angels are revered: lingerie can set off a woman’s curves and reflect her tender manner in a tantalizing visual display. Don’t give it all away; make him work for what’s underneath. 

  1. Fashion

While lingerie in the bedroom is hot, fashion on the street is all the more important. Men do not like to see too much of a woman before he is alone with her. Choose classy cuts and flattering fabrics before you go with a mini and tube top. Besides, wealthy men like those found fetish dating to prefer women with class and grace in public – but something more dangerous in the bedroom. 

  1. Talk Dirty

When the lights go out, communicate with all your senses, including your voice. Tell him what you like, guide him, and boss him around. The saltier your words are the better. 

  1. Fight for It

More rewarding than working for sex is fighting for it. A naughty girl keeps her legs clenched together, gets a little rough and talks tough. When she finally submits, the payoff will be more intense. 

  1. Public Foreplay

Parks, public alleys, crowded buses, and dance floors provide a thrilling atmosphere for a little exploration. Don’t get caught, though; as naughty as she might be, handcuffs are only kinky when they’re attached to the bedpost. 

  1. Go Bare Down There

Nothing says naughty like clean-shaven nether regions. Surprise your guy with this little gift.