Where to Find OSHA Classes in Texas

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There are professions where getting hurt is a possibility, carpentry, welding, farming or medicine, etc. and advancement in these fields often requires OSHA class completion to not only know the rights of an employee but the rights as a boss. Taking a class or two is often required to complete educational requirements. OSHA classes in Texas can be found through the following places.

  1. In-Person

In-Person classes require the student to attend at a select location in Texas to complete accredited program requirements.

  1. United States Department of Labor: The United States Department of Labor website has a list of accredited instructors that are certified to teach OSHA classes. These instructors are located all over the state and can be selected by the industry for exact class instruction. The instructors can be contacted directly and they will be able to conduct classes on specific time tables. The instructors can be reached by phone and email for student convenience.
  2. Texas Department of Insurance: This is a division of the Texas Workers’ Compensation department that was established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They offer 10 hour OSHA course completion through construction linked classes. Accredited instructors that are authorized to present and teach OSHA related materials present these two-day classes. The classes are presented in English and Spanish in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth areas. Visit their website to learn which is available dates are still open.
  3. Texas A&M offers OSHA approved certified safety and health classes through their training program. The classes provide the technical train that is specific for the selected industry and often required for higher-level management promotion. The certificate received is more than the OHSA completion certificate, it comes with college credit course completion and up-t% of the credit hours that are required can be completed at any approved OSHA training institute or center. Proof of completion is required. The course comes with a checklist of required OSHA section completions so the courses can be tracked and verified as completed.
  4. Online
  5. OSHA.com offers online instruction that is compliant with OSHA requirements of the State of Texas. They offer 10 and 30-hour training courses which are accredited for all industries that require OSHA training cards and the courses are 100% online and available for completion on the student completion when they are available.
  6. Oshaeducationcenter.com through the American Safety Council offers classes that are approved for the State of Texas. They are available online on the student’s schedule and the completion certificate is able for instant download after the course has been completed. OSHA Classes in Texas are easy to complete when they are done through the Oshaeduationcenter.com website
  7. Oshatraining.com offers online OSHA training courses for 10 and 30-hour timeframes. They will teach worker safety and health administration requirements for the State of Texas that is approved by public employees that are required for employee employment. The State of Texas does not have an approved program for training and Oshatraining.com offers Federal approved OSHA health and safety training that is approved through the 29 Code of Federal Regulations.
  8. Online & In-Person Instruction
  9. Omega Safety Training offers in-person and online training programs. They have a training calendar available as a potential student resource. Registration is easy and all programs are accredited and approved for student success. They offer 10 and 30-hour classes and classes can be selected based on the student need. They also offer Forklift Training and PEC Safeland options to improve student resumes.

Getting an OSHA card is one of the best pieces of training anyone in any industry can receive. It is something that will send an employee resume to the front of the list and will lead to more immediate hiring.