3 Causes of a Failed SEO Strategy

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Having a consistently high search engine ranking is tough and something that requires constant work. A great organic SEO strategy is only part of the multifold efforts needed to keep your website on the first page of search results. When combined with other online marketing tools such as content marketing, PPC (pay per click), social media marketing and a user-friendly website, SEO can generate stupendous results. However, what to do if your SEO strategy isn’t quite delivering the numbers you had hoped for?

How do you figure out what’s wrong and then fix it so the results would bring the ROI you expected from your digital marketing campaign?

Here are three reasons you need to evaluate and possibly rework your current SEO plan.

Your content is not up to the mark

You may have a superb organic SEO plan in place, but it won’t work if your content is tacky and not in line with the preferences, likes and dislikes of your intended audience. Content generation for business is a specialized job that should project your brand as one with values, integrity, commitment to quality, empathy for the consumer and a keen interest in fulfilling their needs.

Regardless of whether you are selling a high-end motorbike or promoting a brand of women’s innerwear, your potential consumers should not only be able to see you, they should be able to relate to your brand through every blog post, photograph and video you post.

Generating honest and engaging content is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing campaign. So make sure that each piece of content your SEO is promoting is worth of the effort. And remember, nothing puts off today’s discerning consumers more than poor-quality content ridden with grammatical errors and poor use of language.

Your agency does not have the required expertise

Oftentimes small businesses and startups try to cut marketing costs by employing rookie SEO agencies that promise to deliver overnight results at a fraction of the fee charged by established agencies. However, digital marketing requires a lot more than posting social media content and blogs ridden with SEO keywords. It is a sophisticated science that’s best left to seasoned professionals with in-depth knowhow of online marketing tools and how to tweak them for your specific needs.

Similarly, hiring a top-notch agency just because everybody else is doing it will not get you the ROI that you need to justify your marketing expenditure. So consider whether it makes sense to outsource the work to an agency or a freelancer or hire a full-time digital marketing expert. If you decide to have an in-house digital marketer, you should know that having a single individual will usually not suffice—you would need a team of executives each having expertise in different aspects of online marketing.

The best way out is perhaps to outsource this complex job to an agency that’s known to deliver results at pricing you can afford.

Your link building is faulty and impractical

Building back links is important to generate traffic to your content; however, the link-building strategy employed by your digital agency can make or break the entire campaign. Your links should come from high-authority websites known for producing high-quality content. The source of the link is as important as the content itself so your link profile should be constantly monitored for quality.

Spam has no place in an effective link building campaign—apart from hurting your ranking, it can earn you a Google penalty and place your website at risk of disappearing from organic search results. So use an online tool to determine the quality of your inbound link profile and then work to remove the links that are hurting your brand.

Once you have fixed the problem, focus on building a network of high-quality guest blog posts on credible websites with large readership. This will give you greater control over content that links back to your site and help build a strong brand image.

According to SEO experts at the leading digital agency Bear Fox Marketing, organic SEO is hardly ever enough to scale a business and achieve the desired level of conversions. Therefore, your online marketing efforts should be based on a broader strategy that encompasses a combination of relevant digital tools along with a robust and consistent SEO campaign. In addition, your agency must be able to provide supporting data and should be able to measure the campaign on the right metrics—so that you know how well your SEO strategy is performing at all times!