Common Issues While Print a ID Card

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ID cards have now become one of the most integral parts of almost every organization, it does not only provide a unique identity to every employee but also adds more in making the workplace absolute safe and secure to work on. ID card printing is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process of ID card which need to be done very carefully to reduce the chances of if any and also for making it long lasting one.

Sometimes we usually face some of the printing issues which creates a disturbance in the ID card preparation process and hence really seems to be very annoying one. Each of the members of ID cards preparation might surely be eager to know about how to avoid common ID printer issues so that the work may run smoothly, and here we are with the perfect answer for the same.

ID card holder UK takes special care while printing an ID card so that the users may use it for a longer time period. One needs to take best practices under considerations to prevent casual wearing and to tear off the ID cards to reduce the downtime. Today we are here with the most common issues related to the printing of ID cards to make it more convenient to know the entire process.

Card Jams

It is one of the most common and most annoying situations that no one from us surely wants to face. We should need to have proper maintenance of our ID card printers to reduce the chances of the reappearance of such situations in future. Being an ID card holder UK you need to do two things to avoid such conditions:

Proper Maintenance: Proper maintenance of your ID card printer is one of the best ideas as it enables you to enjoy seamless printing throughout. Moreover, you also need to go for in-house cleaning of your printer as to avoid buildup of dust and residue that can obstruct the path of the blank ID card during the printing process.

Avoid usage of low-quality cords: If you have well cleaned and maintain your printer and still facing the jamming issue of ID cards in printers; it may be due to the usage of lower quality of your blank cards. Most of the times it is being observed that the dimensions are slightly off and are one of the reasons for striking off the card in the printer. So it would always be wiser to avoid the use of the low-grade blank card to get rid of such annoying situation.

Breakdown of Printer Ribbon: – It is one another most common issue found in ID printers that further creates problems in the printing process. One of the most common reasons behind such problems are

  • Printing Settings: – Any disturbance in printer settings may cause the breakdown of printers.
  • Dirty printers: – Lack of proper cleaning may also be one of the reasons for the breakdown of printer’s ribbon while working.


Poor Printing Quality

Everyone wants to have an ID card with excellent printing quality so that the text and the photos printed on it can be read out. Sometimes the issues may arise in the printing quality which may further cause the lousy print on your ID card. Some of the main reasons behind the same are:

Print Head Maintenance: Dirty print head may be one of the most common reasons behind the poor quality printing. If it is being cleaned on a regular basis; it will prevent the buildup of residue and dust which further creates an impact on the print quality.

Low-quality ID cards: Low-quality ID cards not only one of the reasons behind card jams, one of the reasons behind the poor printing of your ID card.

Printer Settings: If you are working on improper printer settings; there are a lot of reasons behind the thing that the printing quality of your ID card is going to be affected.

Connection Issues

Loose or improper connections may also cause a lot of impact on the print of ID card. It not only creates a lot of frustration but also may lead to the wastage of your precious time.

We have tried to add you here some of the most common issues that most of the ID card holder UK face along with the reasons behind them and the ways to get rid of them. Hope this article will assist you a lot in getting a perfect printed ID card without making many efforts.