Benefits of choosing Soda Blasting

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Soda Blasting is just like sandblasting, except that it uses baking soda instead of sand. It works by blasting sodium bicarbonate particles on a surface. If we compare soda blasting to other types of blast media, we will find soda blasting not to be as abrasive as others are. It is relatively a milder kind of abrasive blasting.

We have highlighted below, some benefits of choosing soda blasting

1.    Cleaning and De-Coating In Just One Simple Step

Though effective, most of the abrasive blasting methods result in making a huge mess at the time of taking away the coating. In one step, soda blasting efficiently de-coats and wipes the substrate. However, you cannot reuse the blasted sodium bicarbonate as you could with other forms of media blasting.

2.    No need for Pre-Cleaning

Before you had to start your media blasting project, it’s essential that you thoroughly clean the surface before blasting. Often, the surface is covered with salt, carbon or grease that needs to be wiped off. This practice is done so that the end result is smooth and even.

In case of soda blasting, you are not required to pre-clean the surface. You can start right away with your blasting project.

3.    Perfect option for light cleaning

Compared to other media blast methods, soda blasting is not as hard or abrasive. If you are undertaking a project where you want to strip away traces of rust or existing paint from the exteriors of the surface, then soda blasting is your best bet. Another advantage of soda blasting is that the surface or shape of the product will not be altered. Neither will it leave any impact marks. Soda blasting applications can be used best for cleaning delicate materials, plastics, car frames or cars.

4.    Best to use for cleaning food products

Another useful benefit of using soda blasting is for cleaning food.  Baking soda is an ingredient often used in cooking. You can blast away using your soda blaster without any fear of your food being contaminated.

5.    Helps Remove Grease or Oil

Soda blasting is an effectual blast media since it absorbs well. If you need to remove oil or grease from the engine of your car without worrying about its disfiguration, then soda blasting is the perfect medium to take care of this job.

6.    Reduces Waste

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using soda blasting is the fact that it does not leave any solid waste behind. In the times that we live in today where the environment is polluted day by day, we need to consider options that are environmentally friendly. The sodium bicarbonate that is blasted on to the surface has the property to be dissolved in clean water.

7.    Does away with Odors

Baking soda has the amazing property to remove bad odor. Reason being why we keep it in our refrigerator or in our sock drawer. Soda blasting not only leaves you with a clean surface but a nice scented one.