3 Ways to Give Yourself a Good Scare

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Getting a good scare in life should always be a positive thing.

This means not being in a serious accident or other mishap that can change your life for the worse.

That said how do you go about getting a good scare every now and then and enjoying the heck out of it?

Are You Into Scary Movies?

Among the ways to give yourself a good scare include:

  1. Scary movies – When was the last time you went to the movie theater or sat down at home or and watched a scary movie? While some scary movies turn out to be unintentional comedies, others can deliver. With this in mind, creepy clown movies can give you plenty of jolts. Such movies can range from a creepy clown scaring an individual or family to terrorizing a town. One of the advantages the creepy clown has is that he or she has makeup on their face. As such, you never truly get to see their real facial expressions and intentions until it is too late. If you are looking for some good creepy clown movies to select from, the Internet is always a good source. Go online and research such movies. You should have no problem coming up with some scary ones to choose from. Once you do this, you might want to think about inviting family or friends to watch the movie or movies with you. In doing this, at least you have someone to grab onto when the terror begins. Oh, and think about leaving the light on in your bedroom when you go to bed. Well, that is at least that particular evening after having watched the movie.
  2. Haunted house – Although you may have to wait until closer to Halloween for a haunted house, be sure you do it. Haunted houses can give you quite an adrenaline rush to say the least. It is rather safe to say that haunted houses are not for the faint of heart. You may well want to take someone with you when visiting a haunted house. Much like scary movies, this gives you someone to hold as you go through the house and find terror at every turn.
  3. Amusement parks – When was the last time you went on some scary rides at an amusement park? For many people, doing so is a thrill a minute. Whether a rollercoaster or other ride that catapults you at each turn and dip, you want the thrill of a lifetime. Be sure to research any rides you consider going on to make sure they are right for you at the end of the day. If you have a heart condition or other prominent medical issues, think twice on such rides. Even when wanting to have fun, your health comes first.

If it has been a while since you gave yourself a healthy scare, take the time to see what your options are.

From creepy clowns to haunted houses and wild rides, you’re sure to find something to scare you.