5 Must-Eat Dishes at Makassar

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Makassar has ever been a great place to go for travel not only because of its friendly residents or destinations for tourist destinations, but also the culinary dishes which have great taste as well. Here are the 5 must-eat dishes while you’re in Makassar.

  1. Coto Makassar

Something is missing if you take a trip to South Sulawesi without trying Coto Makassar. This typical Makassar food gives a deep impression to anyone who has ever enjoyed it. This dish is full of spices, which makes it taste ‘very crunchy’ and will provide an unforgettable taste for your tongue.

In Makassar, there are many recommended places if you’re interested in trying this cuisine. One of them, Coto Nusantara where the culinary is served with thick gravy and large parts of meat, plus fresh chives and fried onions are served separately.

  1. Sop Konro

One more typical Makassar culinary that you should attempt, namely sop konro. This soup is usually made with beef ribs or beef with blackish brown sauce out of kluwek and served with pieces of ketupat. The taste of the sauce is quite strong and tasty because it utilizes a broad assortment of spices and lots of coriander.

Typically ribs and beef in the konro soup are served with various variations like roasted or authentic konro. The most popular and legendary spot to taste this typical Makassar soup is Konro Karebosi.

  1. Mie Titi

Makassar is famed for its noodle dish as well, one of them is called Mie Titi. Mie titi is a typical Makassar dry noodle which is usually served with thick broth made from poultry broth, starch, eggs, and various spices. Ordinarily, this noodle can be served with complimentary sliced mushrooms, poultry, shrimps, squid, and lime slices. The dry texture, along with the sauce is quite distinctive, and you should attempt.

  1. Pallubasa

This one dish serves thick grated coconut grated so that it tastes tasty. Unlike Coto Makassar and Sop Konro, which are served with ketupat, Pallubasa uses hot white rice. Pallubasa is generally served when it’ so hot, poured directly into a little bowl and finished by uncooked poultry eggs. Nevertheless, it still tastes savory.

  1. Sop Saudara

In the beginning, the culinary name of this distinctive Sop was selected because it was inspired by the name Coto Paraikatte. In Makassar language, Paraikatte means brother or neighbor. It’s said that Sop Saudara was first made by H. Dollahi, who opened his own meat soup stall business in 1957. During that time, his stall was named following Sop Saudara. Then apparently his thought was able to pull the interest of food lovers from all around the nations. Until finally his soup becomes quite popular in Makassar. Sop Saudara is made from essential ingredients of beef, which are often served with distinct ingredients such as rice noodles, potato cakes, beef offal, and boiled eggs.

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