How to protect your home’s foundation?

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Though the house is strongest and fanciest still it can be ruined if it is not built upon a solid foundation. Foundation repairs is an expensive process. You may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for even minor problems. This foundation is important as roofing repair Cambridge by D’Angelo Roofing  believes the same.

Here are the right ways by which you can protect your home’s foundation;

  1. Inspect the perimeter of your home.

It’s but obvious, you’ll want to look for signs of cracking or breakage. But you should try to make sure that siding, brick, wood, vinyl, or other exterior coverings are at least six inches above the bottom of the foundation. Often dirt and debris can shrink this clearance and provide a place for moisture to invade the top of your foundation. So, clear away the dirt or other material to improve the clearance.

  1. Let the ground slope away from your foundation.

This will actually enable runoff water to flow away from your home instead of seeping into your foundation. Make sure that the ground does not slope toward your home.

  1. Check for water pooling near your foundation.

You can either do this after the monsoon or by spraying water with a hose at various points around your home. If pools of water to form, then remove the water and fill in those areas with dirt to make it happen again.

  1. Keep track of changes around your property.

If a neighbor puts in landscaping or alters his/her home’s drainage system, or if construction crews dig an underground cable or work on your street’s sewer system, your property’s drainage could be affected. So take the necessary actions to counter those problems.

  1. Clean and inspect your gutters.

You should remove debris from your gutters at least thrice a year. Whenever you have gutter cleaning, you should inspect your gutters to make sure they don’t have any cracks, holes, or gaps; and do check if they are pitched correctly so water can flow through them properly.

  1. Inspect your downspouts.

There should not be leakage present in your downspouts. You also need to check that water is effectively getting routed. You can the inspection is done through roofing repair Cambridge by D’Angelo Roofing.

  1. Monitor foliage near your home.

Remove the vines that are up against your home. It helps in proper air circulation process and does not trap excess dampness. Also, you should avoid planting many trees close to your foundation. This is because it soaks up much-needed moisture which can crack or damage the foundation.

  1. Water your foundation during the summer.

In periods where rain is scarce, the spoils of your foundation could dry and shrink, which could upset your foundation. Hence, during dry seasons, soak the foundation a bit.