6 Most Wanted Cafe in Solo

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Even though it is only a small city, Solo also has lots of fun hangout places to visit. So don’t worry, your vacation will still be fun when you come to Solo. If you don’t know which places to visit, let’s look at the following information.

  • Makarez Cafe

Find Middle Eastern-style international dishes only at Makarez Cafe. Even the decorations inside the cafe are made with an instagramable middle eastern feel. Do not forget to capture the moment you come to this place and then post it on social media.

The menus served to include Shish Touk, Nasi Bukhari, and other Middle Eastern specialties. In addition to middle eastern food, you can also find different types of food such as sandwiches or spaghetti. Marakez Cafe address is at Untung Suropati street,Number. 76, Solo.

  • Eaterity

Eaterity is located in Ir. Soekarno street, Number. 27, Solo. It is currently a hit and has become one of the hangout spots of youngsters in Solo. Eaternity is a cafe that carries a semi-industrial interior. The place is quite spacious and decorated with wooden tables.

With dim lighting, the atmosphere inside this cafe feels even warmer. The menus served are varied, ranging from American, European, and Indonesian dishes at relatively low prices. In terms of taste, the dishes served here are pretty delicious and do not disappoint.

  • Xocolatl

Xocolatl is a hangout place that serves light menus such as cakes and pastries. If you are one of those people who just want to order dessert while hanging out with friends, then Xocolatl is the right choice.

Carrying the concept of a dessert house, Xocolatl is a unique cafe that serves delicious pastries and cakes. In addition to food, this cafe also provides various drinks that can be enjoyed with dessert here. The best time to enjoy snacks in this place is at night. Xocolatl’s address is at Dr. Radjiman street 374, Solo.

  • Playground

The playground is a cafe run by Tiga Tjeret. Therefore, at a glance, the decorations at the Playground and Tiga Tjeret do have the same vibes. This excellent cafe is one of the hangout places that young people from Solo always crowd. They are moreover, coupled with the available Wifi facilities.

However, at Playground, you can find more varied international dishes, such as Teriyaki with Butter Rice, Beef Burger, and Roll Sandwich. The playground is located at Kenanga street 163, Badran, Solo.

  • Simply Cook Cafe

This cafe, located in Jalan Mojo, is behind the Sebelas Maret University (UNS).

One cafe is small in size but comfortable enough. However, during the day, Simply Cook Cafe is visited by many guests, most of whom are students.

The food menu at Simply Cook Cafe is quite pocket-friendly. You can hang out with friends while enjoying Apple Crumble in the style of Mode, Spaghetti Arrabiata, Cheesy Chicken Bread. All menus at this cafe are guaranteed to be delicious and satisfying.

  • Three Tjeret Cafe

This typical night hangout place in Solo is always crowded with visitors. The Tiga Tjeret Cafe is located across from the Mangkunegaran Palace. Cafe Tiga Tjeret offers traditional food, such as angkringan, complete with sego cat (cat rice) unlike other cafes.

There are many side dishes for sale so that visitors can choose their side dishes. Regarding the price, the food offered by Tiga Tjeret is guaranteed to have a friendly price. You can enjoy a delicious traditional dinner casually with your family or friends. Three Tjeret Cafe is in Ronggowarsito street, Number. 97, Solo.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.