A Few Reasons behind Facial Pain

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Some folks feel facial pain on one side or both side of the face. But, they are not sure about the exact reasons behind this pain. The pain can be dull, intense, short-lived or chronic; it differs from person to person and it depends on different causes. The primary causes are facial or head injuries, nerve issues, a dental problem, and infections. If you think your pain is caused by a dental problem, you can consult dentist Barrie Molson Park Dental. They provide the best oral treatment in Canada. Have a look on the following mentioned facial pain causes:

  • An Abscessed Tooth

People who suffer from an abscessed tooth know that it causes unbearable pain. Generally, it is a mouth infection that occurs due to gum disease, advanced tooth decay, or a cracked tooth. When bacteria reach the nerves and blood vessel area of the mouth, the abscessed tooth issue develops. The common symptoms of such disease are; a bad taste in your mouth, facial inflammation, throbbing and persistent pain, red gums and fever. If you have anyone of such symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention to get relief.

  • Dry Socket

A dry socket has been seen in rare cases and it usually happens when a tooth is removed. The blood clot doesn’t shape appropriately or is displaced after removing a tooth; as a result, a dry socket occurs. It has quite similar symptoms like an abscess such as; swelling, intense pain, bad taste, and fever.  It also needs immediate medical attention.

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) in a mouth allow one to open and shut one’s mouth with ease. When, such joints dysfunctions due to the interference of anything, it causes facial pain. Some people have a habit of grinding or clenching the teeth, it also affects the TMJ. Beside it, it may also result from dislocation, arthritis, and injury. If you feel any popping, clicking or pain in your joint area, you should consult your doctor.  It is not necessary that it needs surgery, with some mouth exercises, medications or a simple mouth guard the issue can be solved.

  • Sinus Infections

Another reason might be a sinus infection; it causes intense facial pain with tenderness in the upper jaw and teeth. Facial swelling and stress around your eyes and cheeks, bad breath, ear pain, and fever can be its other symptoms. Usually, roots of the upper molar teeth locate quite near to the sinus cavity; as a result of people often get confused with the pain of sinusitis with tooth pain.