Advantages of Using Aluminium for Extrusion

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In today’s world, the value of strong, light, and corrosion-resistant materials cannot be underestimated. It is wise to work with a professional who is creative, visionary, and committed to getting the job done. Aluminium is one of the most popular choices for engineering applications because of its properties. Different aluminium alloys are suitable for different applications so it is always possible to find something appropriate. Some desirable properties of aluminium include its strength, lightness, resistance to corrosion, and durability.

What is Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion is a technique of transforming aluminium alloys into objects of a definitive profile to suit various applications. This process makes it possible to combine some of the most attractive characteristics of aluminium for use in specific applications. Even though aluminium is very stiff and dense, it is malleable so machining and casting are easy. It is very ductile so it can be extruded easily. The result is products that are stiff and dense with amazing strength and stability.

Advantages of Using Aluminium

Aluminium is a great option for extrusion because of its unique qualities. Its malleable properties make it suitable for flexible design options. The production process does not take a lot of effort or resources. Its flexibility makes it workable. Aluminium may be lightweight but it is very strong.

The true beauty of aluminium comes out when it is blended with other metals to complement its properties. This metal has been used to make some of the most impressive alloys. It does not lose its attractive properties even when mixed with other metals. Aluminium does not need to be mixed with other metals for extrusion. It may be used in its pure form for certain applications.

Some applications where aluminium may be used include;

  • Applications that require resistance to corrosion such as marine, cables, and military
  • Applications that demand high conductivity of electricity and heat such as radiators and electronics
  • Low weight applications such as automotive and aeronautical

Manufacturers that are looking for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, strength, and functionality can always rely on aluminium extrusions. Components that are made from aluminium can be made to incorporate additional features such as interlocking systems. They can come up with components that are light without compromising on strength. Manufacturers can incorporate new features to increase the structural strength of their applications.

Aluminium is recyclable which more than you can say for other materials. It is great for the environment. Recycling aluminium does not take more than five per cent of the energy needed to produce the original metal.

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