Everything you need to know about chicken runs

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Chicken runs are undoubtedly the larger versions of chicken coops. It is a known fact that chickens need some extra space to run. Everyone has their way of expressing their livelihood, while some prefer stretching their legs, some will flap their wings and try to fly. Most of the chicken’s dust bathe a lot. It is for these reasons that most of the chicken farmers get huge chicken coops to ensure that the chicken has a comfortable time. Moreover, if you belong to a small suburban area, the chickens will be at the constant threat of being prone to predators if left free. Thus, to ensure complete protection, you may use the huge chicken runs for chickens.

What are chicken runs made of?

The huge chicken runs can form to be an effective part of chicken coop only if they are built properly. The chicken runs should be durable and sturdy. They should be made of good quality wood such as pine or timber and must be resistant to weather. The mesh fitted to the sides of the run must have galvanized wires. Such qualities ensure that your chicken is protected from threat and would receive a sufficient amount of sunlight and ventilation. You can also install a door which will allow you in the chicken run and should consist of locks that can be opened by human hands only.

How big should it be?

The size of the chicken run usually depends on the number of chicken you would store in it. Moreover, the number of chicken flocks also have an important role to play. The free-range to which the chickens are left also determines the size of the run. Many chicken farmers prefer having huge chicken runs. Despite all the factors, your chicken run should be big enough to allow the chickens to flap their wings. You should always ensure that the chicken run isn’t crowded.

Where should you keep it?

If you have huge chicken runs, it may get problematic to keep them in the ideal position. It is often due to their huge size that the lack of space becomes evident. Now, if you are devoid of choices, you can prefer keeping the chicken run in your backyard where there is grass. This will not only fertilize the soil but also prevent any damage. Moreover, the lush and grassy ground would ensure that the chicken can peck on it. You should also avoid boggy and muddy environment since it can spread sickness in your flock.

Why do you need chicken runs?

Having a chicken run for your flock of chickens can prove to be extremely beneficial. Some of the prominent benefits that you would get to enjoy with chicken runs include the following

  • It promotes natural behavior as the chicken get the free-range movement. With the large space available around them, they can take part in different activities and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • As mentioned earlier, they are completely protected with the chicken runs. Since it has locks, no predator such as fox or snake will be able to attack them.

You can look around to get the perfect chicken run for your chickens. However, if you do not find one, you can always rely on making one for yourself.