Best video downloader for Facebook videos on Mac

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With the evolution of various social media platforms, a lot of people have become dependent on them for various contents. Be it, audio or video, social media platforms have become a potential place, one could rely on such contents. If we talk about these types of contents in detail, then there are a lot of video files on the social media platforms that we see on a daily basis. People love these videos and they even try to save them for later. However, if you have used the apps like Facebook or Instagram, then you must be aware of the fact that how difficult it is to download videos from these sites, especially on Mac. Well, it all depends upon the type of video downloader you choose for yourself. In the section below, we will be giving you certain options of video downloader that could be used to download Facebook video on Mac and that too in the easiest way.


If you are a Mac user from quite a long time now, then you must know about this application or software. VideoDuke, with its amazing features and characteristics, has made a very special place in the heart of Mac users. If you know, even a little bit about the characteristics of this app, then you know that this supports a lot of video streaming platforms. Facebook could be included in that. With this, you could download any of your favorite videos from Facebook effortlessly.

Along with that, you could download images and other such things using this software from different platforms. VideoDuke supports other platforms like twitter etc.


There is a lot of video content on Facebook. We all go through them daily, but we feel helpless when it comes to downloading our favorite video. However, if you download these videos using a good video downloader, then you could download them easily. iTube is one such video downloader that can help you in downloading your favorite video from Facebook. Now, you just have to paste the link of the particular video in iTube’s interface and then need to click on the download button. With these two simple and easy steps, your videos will be stored in your device. Also, before proceeding towards the download, select the format in which you want your videos to be.

AllMy Tube

AllMy Tube is another video downloader option that could be used in order to download videos from Facebook. The best part about this software is that it comes in the trial version also, which could be used to test it first. You could download videos from any social media handles that you want in the format of your choice. This video downloader supports more than 10,000 platforms.

So, this was the list of the top software that could be used to download videos from Facebook. With this list, the readers won’t feel confused now, as they already know which downloader is good for them.