Why You Need a Power Pedestal

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When you have your boat docked on the marina you need to make sure everything is safe and your boat is safe while looking professional at the same time. There are some ways that you can improve the look of the marina while keeping everything safe. You need power pedestals so you can take the marina to a new level.

What is the Powder Pedestal?

This pedestal will replace the homemade dockside power source. It is an electrical housing unit and looks much better than other units that have previously been used. Thee pedestals have some advantages. They are able to stand up to the weather conditions, and they will not rust or corrode. They can have additional features based on user preferences. These pedestals can even be developed so they can provide wireless internet service. There are special models as well. One of the most specialized models is the Lighthouse. This model has weatherproof doors that are able to be locked and they have a 360-degree assembly. It is easy to get the cords in an out and you can have access to the breakers on the marina. You will also be able to have access to the lighting source.

Reasons to Invest in this Pedestal

This type of pedestal is of high quality and will provide features that will make the marina more appealing. This is a good way to set the marina apart from the competition. This will help attract customers to your marina and before you know it, the slips will be filled up. You will be able to make more money and will see a nice increase in your revenue.

How Things Work

When using the pedestal there are some things that are important to remember. You are able to run an AC cord to the boar in order to allow it to connect to this power source. There are some marinas that have a 30A connection and they have two receptacles that are female. They are often protected in some manner. The connection will contain a circuit breaker and you will need to turn this on when plugging in the cord. When you are ready to unplug the cord you need to make sure you turn this off. You need to watch the way that your power cord is connected. The cord should allow for the movement to be free. A cord that it too tight can lead to some danger and may lead to overheating as well.

Safety with the Pedestal

This pedestal is designed to follow all safety rules and uses technology to make sure everything is safe and secure. When looking for a pedestal be sure to find one that is certified to be compliant and in line with the ANSI/UL. All of the products should be tested to make sure they meet the safety regulations set forth by the National Electric Code in fire and in water protection. It is important to make sure all of the people that use the slips are safe. The pedestal will help make your customers feel secure when they are hooking up to a power source.


The pedestal is one of the safest things to use on the marina. It is also designed to be durable. They are able to stand up to the weather and will not rust. They are also UV resistant and most models come with a lifetime warranty for rust and corrosion to make sure they are safe.