Confident Public Speaking: How to become fearless

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For centuries together public speaking has been used to influence, mobilize, and build a popular public opinion. And till the date, public speaking remains one of the best ways of communicating and transmitting ideas and encouraging or appealing for a change. But Not everyone is born with great quality of public speaking that of likes Martin Luther King, Jr.

Public speaking can be quite a daunting task at first, no matter what may be the number of audiences, going and speaking to a live audience can sometimes give cold sweats to even an experienced orator. But the good news is public speaking being a skill can be acquired by just anyone. And its experiences can have a lifelong and life-changing impact ranging from Career advancement to Boosting confidence, enhancing communication skills and building new social connections, and much more.

Before starting public speaking one must ensure that they have ample confidence so that they face their audience fearlessly and do not freeze by lack of confidence. Here are some ways to boost confidence and help overcome the fear of public speaking.

Visualizing public speaking success:

Creating a positive affirmative scene in mind can really help live and experience the moment which is feared. When affirmative imagery of such experience is created in mind, it helps in eliminating the negative thoughts of failures and blunders which may bring us to shame in front of our audience. Hence, building positive imagery of the same, makes it much easier to handle the stress and fear of failing or committing the mistakes.

Watch Videos of Great Public Speakers:

A lot can be learned just by observing great public speakers. There hundreds of hundreds of videos available from where subtleties of public speaking can be learned. Apart from watching the presentation videos, another great option can be watching movies and TV series with charismatic characters. These great characters can act as a perfect example that can help in developing a strong personality and confidence.

Not only it can help in building confidence and self-esteem but also help in shaping a persona which the audience will find engaging and will stick to with all of their attention. Boosting our self-esteem or confidence.

Record the Speech:

Being able to sit in the audience and listen to oneself speak could be great, as we may get a critical insight into what and what should not be done there and help us improve our efficiency as a speaker. This may be physically impossible, but of course, we can record ourselves delivering the Speech to practice and rectify the key areas which we may be missing out like body language and voice modulation. Knowing how we present ourselves and look can surely help to bring about a change and boost our confidence.


The often over trite phrase that, ” practice makes perfect” can go a long way in warding off the fear of public speaking. There are Some people who are naturally endowed with the ability to go on stage and deliver a flawless speech without any rehearsal or practice. But not everyone is born with it and even the best speakers make it a point to practice before taking on the stage. Try to practice at the place where the actual speech is going to take place and take a feel of that place. So ultimately when the time comes, we are well prepared and confident about our presentation, hence delivering a fearless and flawless speech.

In Conclusion:

Almost Every public was once an introvert little boy who was not much of a fearless public speaker. And there’s no secret pill or sauce to change things overnight. But with little determination and continuous practice, anyone can make themselves a better public speaker.