Five Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Mentor

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If we want to reach a Destination of which path we do not know, we must start by looking for someone who has been there. As they can truly guide us to be where we want to be. In any case, someone can be a mentor. And it is one of the best ways to get into a chosen field or learning more about it and how to excel in it.

Rightly said by Loren Norris who is a Leadership speaker, trainer & coach, and Author of Learn 2 ROAR Leadership, Attitude Hack, Live A More Excellent Life, 5 Battle Strategies of a Victorious Warrior, Founding Partner: John Maxwell Team.

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”- J Loren Norris.

A mentor can therefore help us with their valuable advice and gain access to resources and information which will help us in the long run as an entrepreneur.

Picking up a mentor can be quite a challenging task and we must be very conscious while doing so, as a mentor ensures our success in the long run by encouraging and guiding us through our good and bad times. Here are five things we must consider when choosing a mentor


Values are of utmost while determining a mentor as our set of values must get align with him/her. This will help in keeping disagreements and altercations at bay and ensure the smooth functioning of our mentor-mentee relationship. Therefore we should look for someone with a similar set of values that of ours. Because at the end of the day compromising on our core values can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness which can be proved to be counterproductive.


We can find many great personalities who we can choose as our mentor who has accomplished great heights. But sometimes they may lack the ability to communicate effectively that how they have reach where they are. Therefore we need to see that the person we have in mind is good at communicating his/her ideas and we clearly understood it. For example, we can look at Reza Satchu who is a serial entrepreneur and investor from Toronto, Canada. He is the Managing Partner and Founder of Alignvest Management Corporation, a leading private investment firm. Reza Satchu is also the Founding Chairman of Next Canada, whose mission is to increase Canadian prosperity and accelerate the trajectory of Canada’s most promising


Before determining anyone as our mentor we must first look into willingness as a mentor to help and teach us. Due to the fact that someone has found success does not mean they are readily available to share the blueprint of their success. We may start by having small meetings with them like on a coffee and lunch and get to know them and know what sort of personality they have and are they willing to share the information we need.


This can be very crucial as we should make it a point to define and determine our expectations beforehand about what we are looking for in the mentor-mentee relationship. For instance, we should have a clear idea about the amount of time we would be sharing with them and to what extent we will allow ourselves to partake in various activities. This constitutes an important part as we should be on the same page with the potential mentor or vice versa.


Personality can make all the difference in the world when it comes to considering or choosing a Mentor. For instance, if we tend to be an extrovert and our prospective mentor is an introvert, the situation can get a bit uncomfortable. Maybe we can be an introvert and might seek an extroverted mentor to rub off some of their qualities.


These are some of many things we should look for and define for ourselves before seeking out a mentor that have these sort of attributes and qualities when you take the time to map out your goals and what you want in a mentor, most of the work is already done. As when we give some time and plan out the goals and a destination and requirements about what we want in our mentor we are done with most of the work already.