Dressing tips for an intern

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When you are working as an intern you must know that you are no lesser than an employee and hence, you must get dressed well as per the company’s rules and norms because when you walk into the premises as part of the IT internships program you must look neat and tidy because you would also be interacting with the higher management folks too.

Follow the below steps to get dressed like a professional and walk in with confidence to your work as one of IT internships from Premium Graduate Placements program candidate.

  • Wear clothes that are neatly pressed

As an IT internships candidate, you must make sure to keep your clothes neat and tidy, and this means that wearing crumpled clothes to office is unacceptable. You must remember to wear clothes that are neatly ironed without any wrinkles because you must know that your clothes do communicate as well.

  • Tie is important

Your outfit would not be complete without a tie. You must pick a tie that has classic patterns on them and never settles for anything which is gaudy to look at. Hence, you must remember that your tie is also part of your outfit and it does matter to have a good collection of ties in your wardrobe.

Brushing your teeth, combing your hair neat and taking a bath every day is part of the personal hygiene because you would be interacting with a lot of people and if you aren’t clean them, the ones around you would certainly not be comfortable.

  • Make sure to shine your shoes

Wearing a dirty pair of shoes with a pair of stinking socks can ruin the overall looks of the outfit. Hence, remember to polish your shoes neatly before you walk inside the office as internment. Also, remember to use mouth refreshment if you are a smoker.