Vacation Savings Guide for an Exciting and Memorable Beach Vacation in Venice, California

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Planning a nice beach getaway in VeniceBeach does not mean you have to drain your wallet.

The beachfront district of Venice, which is also popularly referred as VeniceBeach, can be found on Los Angeles Westside in the US state of California. Being one of the eclectic and vibrant areas of Southern California, Venice is famous for its Ocean Front Walk, 2-1/2 mile pedestrian, lovely beaches and canals. It also serves as an essential cultural center of LA.

Tourists coming to Venice Beach are looking forward to having the best time under the warm California sun. And this is exactly what Venice can offer you and more. No doubt,the area is frequented by thousands of tourists every yearto have a dip in the cold water of the Pacific Ocean, enjoy unlimited nightly entertainment and bask under the sizzling sun ofSouthern California. Venice Beach is also home to a lot of notable residents, most of which are famous Hollywood celebrities, like Kate Beckinsale, Tom Conway, and Julia Roberts. Popular points of interest in the area include the Venice Breakwater, MuscleBeach, and the Boardwalk.


City Highlight: Enjoy a unique gastronomic journey in Venice by dining in one of the affordable restaurants in the area which include Abbot’s Pizza Company, Gaby’s Mediterranean, La Fiesta Brava and Maki Yaki.

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Where to Stay in Venice on A Budget

Finding comfortable and budget-friendly hotel accommodations in Venice is not as difficult as you thought it to be. Though it is a popular tourist destination, a number of cheap hotels, inns and hostels abound the area.

Situated right at center of action, Inn at VeniceBeach is one of those establishments offering reasonably-priced accommodations. Inn at Venice Beach is just steps away from shops, restaurants, nightly entertainment and the famous Boardwalk. It also offers guests well-appointed rooms equipped with basic but functional amenities, along with a complimentary breakfast every morning.

Venice Beach Hostel is another establishment offering really affordable accommodations. Found on Pacific Avenue, this cheap hostel is conveniently located near the boardwalk, several shops, restaurants, and bars. The hostel offers apartment-like rooms that come complete with a lounge area, laundry room, and a communal kitchen. Venice Beach Hostel provides affordable, nice, clean and comfortable rooms to ensure that guests will have a delightful and relaxing stay in VeniceBeach without busting their budget.

Other cheap lodging options in the area providing value-for-money accommodations include the Cadillac Hotel, RamadaVeniceBeach, and VeniceBeach Suites.

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Experiencing Venice Without Spending Much

Apart from the scenic beach, there are other interesting sights and attractions to see in Venice. Though the area is a popular destination amongst surfers, its lively and vibrant sidewalk scene takes the center stage. Tourists coming to Veniceare delighted to see street performers, belly dancers, palm readers and other artists lining up the boardwalk.

Exploring Venice does not require you to spend bundles of cash. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do here without spending a dime. You can enjoy a nice walk along the Venice Boardwalk and get amazed by the unique performances offered by talented street artists. If you prefer spending the whole day basking under the sun, then you can just lie on the sand of the MuscleBeach. Or, you can partake in the variety of beach activities offered in the area.

If you like to go sight-seeing, then take a self-guided tour and visit the top attractions in Venice which include the AbbotKinneyBoulevard,VeniceCanals (man-made waterways), Venice Beach House and the Venice Beach Graffiti Walls

There is surely something for everyone in VeniceBeach and the best part is that you do not have to spend all your life savings just to ensure a fun LA vacation beach getaway.