Factors That Determine the Price of a Modular Kitchen

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Many people think that building a kitchen right from scratch can be very expensive. There is no need to disappoint as the modular kitchen is one more way to renovate your existing kitchen within your budget. This type of kitchen model comprises of standardized ‘modules’ at a fixed price range.

This article tells you about the pricing of a modular kitchen before you invest in one.

What is the price of a modular kitchen?

Don’t get disheartened looking at the exuberant package price of a modular kitchen. The overall price of a modular kitchen can fall within your budget when we understand personal priorities. Normally the cost of any basic level modular kitchen begins from one lakh. It will inch upwards based on the factors given below.

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Size of the kitchen

Modular kitchens come in L, U, and parallel shape that directly impacts its price. A large kitchen is expensive but it comes with a capacity to accommodate more modules. So, select the size according to your requirement.


A modular kitchen depends on the way you will use modules in the kitchen. Based on your use, you can choose between bare essential modules or a comprehensive set of modules to meet your kitchen needs. Choose from the wide selection of kitchen models that includes taller cabinets, units, and a lot more.

Finish and material of the cabinet

These are various options available in the market that help you choose a cabinet finish option. Some of them being a polymer, acrylic, laminate and membrane foil. Out of all of them, laminate and acrylic are the most sought designs among people.

The glossy appearance and scratch-free surface make acrylic the most expensive kitchen design modules in the market. After acrylic, you can consider poly UV finish that offers good durability and a little lesser price than acrylic models.

If you are on a restricted budget, choose laminates. The glossy finish is what makes people love them the most. They are a little costlier than matt but require lesser maintenance.


Based on the utility, you should choose accessories that match your kitchen design. Don’t spend money on accessories that you don’t use frequently.

For example, people who love crockeries should use plate holders to prevent any breakage. A double bin holder is appropriate for large families. Learn the utility of each accessory and find it out what meets your needs perfectly.

Backsplash material and Countertop

Corian, Quartz, and polished form of granites are the perfect choice for countertops. This is because of its natural and high-end finish. Quartz is highly expensive of all. Different countertop materials come under different prices on the basis of the quality.

In case of backsplash material, buyers choose the one that pleases to their eyes such as glass, stone, and metal. Ceramic tiles are again a popular option in the market.


Thus, your dream of a modular kitchen can be realized if you pay attention to these factors. This information must have given you an idea of the approximate cost of a modular kitchen.  Consider these features to get the modular kitchen within your budget.