How To Clean The Toilet Seat

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We all know that toilet bowls (and bidets) are excellent sources of bacteria and disease spread. Proper cleaning of the tops considerably reduces the spread of bacteria and germs, thus preventing diseases.

For proper cleaning and maintenance, follow the advice below:

Just use water and a mild soap or detergent solution. Products with acidic, alkaline, or abrasive components should never be used.

Finally, dry the hinges and the entire top with a soft cloth to remove residues and eventual stains.

Please note that the top and hinges must not come into contact with the toilet cleaner, so ensure the rim and lid are in an upright position until the toilet is finished cleaning and for repair, reach out to specialist like amongst others to help you.

How To Choose The Suitable Toilet Seat

Formats: pay attention to the model of your pottery. There are different shapes of toilets ranging from conventional (oval) to special ones (“squares” are the most common). Therefore, there is a suitable and compatible toilet seat for each of these formats for new toilet installation.

Material: The s toilet seats can be made with various materials, plastic and wood the most common. Both are resistant to moisture, which is essential for an environment such as the bathroom. The wooden seats have a more traditional design; the plastic models have a varied design due to the flexibility in their production process. Another difference between these two materials is that the plastic seats can be made of different plastic raw materials, generating additional comfort and resistance options.

  • Raw material: wooden seats are, in most cases. Plastic seats can be found in three types of raw materials, which must be chosen according to the preference of each consumer:
  • Padded toilet seat: has the padded seat arch, filled with a soft and resistant foam, which gives the item more durability and comfort at the time of use.
  • Soft toilet seat: the arch is manufactured by the blow molding process, generating a hollow part. This characteristic, added to the external anatomical shape, generates light and comfortable products.
  • Wooden toilet seat: manufactured by the injection molding process, it forms a piece similar to a ‘shell’ extremely smooth, resistant, and easy to clean.