How to Find a Reputable Tattoo Shop

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Finding the Right Tattoo Shop is Discovering Pure Gold

When mining for the right artist and shop to carve long-lasting ink into the skin area of choice, it’s best if the prospective client knows what to look for, who to ask, and how to find the right shop.

A healthy dose of common sense, a pinch of research, and the right information is instrumental in getting a tattoo worthy of a permanent place on the body.

Three Things to Look for When Shopping for a Tattoo Shop

  • Do they follow state laws?

Every state is different in its regulatory terms. Know what they are and how to ask for proof of following the regulations.

  • Is the shop clean and organized?

Straight out of the gate, if it’s not clean and well lit, there could be problems. While having black walls isn’t a reason to reject the shop, bad lighting makes it hard to do a good job. All states require shops to be hygienic and properly stocked, meaning organization is key to finding the right equipment for the artwork.

  • Do they have previous client’s work and testimonials?

Most artists offer a portfolio, a great way to see their level of skill as well as any specialty. Previous clients are usually happy to rave about great artwork. Don’t hesitate to ask if it is possible to speak to them about their experience(s).

No Regrets

Taking a little extra time to research artists and their shops can prevent any regrets later because of a bad tattoo or health issues created by unhygienic use of equipment. Tattoos are a personal and significant addition to the body, one that seals a moment in time into the skin. It’s worth taking a few hours to find the right place to do the work.