How To Keep Your Waterhog Floor Mats Clean And Maintain Them?

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You are probably already aware of our extensive selection of commercial mats. On the other hand, we enjoy our WaterHog Impressions HD Logo Mat. For use in commercial environments, especially those that are extremely moist and have a lot of foot traffic, these are regarded as the industry standard.

Any commercial establishment that is located in an area that is prone to wet weather should have these mats put at the front entrance.

Waterhog mats are made in the United States, come in a variety of colors (nine in total), can absorb 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, and are available for purchase here.

Therefore, one of the most often inquiries that we get is about how to clean Waterhog Mats.

The quick answer is that you clean them the same way you clean regular mats, but if you keep reading, you’ll find some additional information on how to precisely clean and preserve Waterhog floor mats…

Dry Mats

If the mat is dry, give it a good shake and then vacuum it with a professional or industrial vacuum that has substantially more suction power than a domestic vacuum would have. When shaking out mats, you should always keep your eyes closed so that you don’t catch any dust or debris in your eyes.

At the very least once a day, used dry mats should be shaken down and then cleaned to remove any debris. Shake the mats out and vacuum them more frequently than once a day if they are becoming very filthy as a result of heavy foot usage.

Wet Mats

It is best to hose off Waterhog mats, regardless of whether they are wet or dry if they need a more comprehensive cleaning. If it is at all possible, tilt the mat so that it is slightly inclined, and then use a powerful jet, rather than a pressure washer, to spray off the mats from one end to the other.

In spite of the fact that it is probably not essential, shampoo can be used when washing them down with water, and they can also be cleaned with steam. After that, lay them out on a flat surface to dry.

Keep The Cleanliness Of Your Mats Up To Par.

Always expect better performance from clean mats rather than dirty mats. Make sure that your mats are cleaned on a regular basis and that you have a sufficient number of mats so that you can swap out dirty mats for clean ones when necessary.

Because it takes mats many hours to cure completely, you will need another mat to use while the first one finishes drying.

Mats are an easy and inexpensive method to make any location safer, and they can be used almost everywhere. Waterhog mats are designed to physically capture and retain water within the mat itself. Mats improve traction, stop dirt and water from being tracked through your space, and, in the case of Waterhog mats, actually trap the water within the mat itself.