Is a Rolls Royce a BMW?

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Now and then, die-hard car fans, sports team enthusiasts and loyal brand customers are devastated when their long-time favorites split up.

While most people are more familiar with the term divorce as it relates to married couples, lots of big companies go through their own versions of a divorce every year.

As you shop for an affordable and luxurious BMW, you may remember that they were once involved in one of these famous divorces. So, is a BMW the same thing as a Rolls Royce? Keep reading to learn more!

Is a Rolls Royce the Same Thing as a BMW?

In 1998, the battle over who would own and therefore, control the Rolls Royce brand culminated in a rather messy divorce.

Bentley, Volkswagen and BMW all wanted to control the luxury Rolls Royce brand but in the end, BMW won out in the battle and controlled both BMW production and Rolls Royce Motor Cars for a solid 5 years after the final agreements were made.

So, it’s easy to see where the confusion surrounding the BMW brand and the Rolls Royce brand comes from.

Now, Rolls Royce cars are manufactured at Goodwood but many of their components are supplied by BMW.

In fact, even the beautiful aluminum body of the Rolls Royce Phantom is handmade at the Din golfing/Bavaria BMW plant.

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