Perfect Options for the Best Playground Maintenance

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If it gets warmer outside, playgrounds turn into a real paradise for children. Here they can let off steam and reduce excess energy. In order for this place of fun not to become a place of injury, it must be checked regularly, because non-maintained playgrounds pose a high accident risk. According to the TÜV, around 8,200 children are injured annually in Austria’s playgrounds. So what should be considered during maintenance and cleaning at the playground? We will inform you about your duties and give you tips on how to offer children safe and clean gaming enjoyment. In addition, we tell you who to turn to when play equipment stops working, is broken, or is contaminated. For the 토토사이트 you need the best deal now.

The Playground Multiplication Table

A visit to the playground not only brings a lot of fun, but without proper maintenance also some injury risks. Therefore each of these playgrounds is subject to the playground regulations of the respective federal state. This regulates location, access, equipment, surfaces, distances, etc. of the playground equipment because only a regularly maintained playground ensures accident-free play and romp.

The Sandbox As A Favorite At The Playground

What would a playground without a sandbox be? Children like to cavort in and around the sandbox. Here is played, chatted and closed one or the other friendship. Parents, on the other hand, are often skeptical about building sandcastles – rightly so. As is well known, children take everything in their mouths; there is no stopping at sand either. However, if this is not changed regularly, the sandbox becomes the true health risk. With cat feces or easily swallowable small parts made of plastic or glass in the sand is not to joke. This is also confirmed by a hygiene study in which Graz sandboxes were examined.

But does not worry with the right approach, the sand exchange at the playground becomes child’s play. In general, do not just change the top layer of sand, but always the entire content of your sandbox because only then all impurities are removed from the sandbox.

This Is How It Works:

  • Completely empty the sandbox and clean thoroughly
  • Fill up with fresh game sand
  • Regularly loosen the game sand with a rake
  • Cover sandpit after play to protect it from moisture and dirt

The profit tip

At the playground, it cannot be avoided, of course, that children stick their dirty hands in their mouths. However, by choosing the right game country and regularly exchanging it, you can minimize health risks. We recommend sand with TÜV certificate or washed sand from the hardware store.

Insect Infestation – What To Do?

A playground is not only a meeting place for children, but also a popular nesting ground for wasps. That can quickly become a problem because wasps react very sensitively to shocks and sting immediately at threat. For this reason, you should refrain from autonomous removal of the nest. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist here. So children can use the playground quickly without worry.

Professional Help With The Playground Care

Need help maintaining your private or public playground? Just do not bury your head in the sand. The home automation and maintenance team is happy to check your playground and sandbox. The experienced professionals also take care of the prompt removal of minor defects. So nothing stands in the way of a safe and clean time at the playground.