Where to Find EV Charging Stations 

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If you are an owner of an electric vehicle, it is crucial to know where you can find EV charging stations around you to enjoy your ride properly. Electric cars offer the much-desired convenience, cost efficiency, and low maintenance. Meanwhile, it is crucial to know the EV charging stations around you; read the information below:

  1. Condominiums

Most condominiums have been upgraded with a condominium charging station keeping in mind that many people ride electric cars. Therefore, if your electric car is low on power, look for any condominium around you and charge your vehicle at the condominium charging station installed there.

  1. Google Maps

Google has simplified the process of finding EV charging stations around you by checking your Google Map for EV chargers. Also, you can find Tesla and other charging stations on Android and iOS Google Maps applications. If you want to know the condominium charging stations near you, turn on your smartphone and launch your Google Map and search for EV charging stations around you; you would see several charging points you can use. 

Other information you would see include the type of ports available, power rating, pricing, driver reviews, and ratings.

  1. Online Platforms

You can also locate EV charging stations close to you by using apps or visiting any of the websites that provide information concerning charging stations and new ones that are installed daily. Visit the following sites to know where EV charging stations are located around you:

  1. www.plugshare.com
  2. https://chargehub.com/en/charging-stations-map.html
  3. https://pluginamerica.org/get-equipped/find-an-ev-charging-station/
  4. https://openchargemap.org/site
  5. Mobile Apps

You can know where to find EV charging stations by using some mobile apps that provide this information. Apps such as PlugShare, Chargepoint, Plugsurfing, etc. provide detailed information about the location of charging stations, the status of chargers, best times to charge, and much more. You only have to download, install, and launch the applications to know the locations of EV charging stations around you. 

Do not get stranded; follow the tips above to find a condominium charging station and other charging stations near you and top off your battery without hassles.