Reasons to Get a Chrysler

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Buying a new or used car is a very big decision that needs to be taken seriously. When you are shopping for a new or used car, one of the first decisions you have to make is to decide what type of car brand to buy. One car brand that is ideal for many consumers today is Chrysler. Chrysler is a brand of cars and vans that has been in business for more than 90 years. There are several reasons why people in the Bloomington, Indiana area should consider getting a Chrysler today.

Selection of Vehicles

When looking for a new or used Chrysler Bloomington residents will first benefit by getting to choose from a number of different vehicles.  Today, Chrysler has four different types of cars that are very popular with consumers.  The Chrysler 200 is the base four-door sedan that comes with great fuel efficiency and a flexible transmission.  Those that are looking for a little bit more power will want to upgrade to the Chrysler 300, which has over 360 horsepower.  For those that need more space, it is also possible to purchase either the Chrysler Pacifica minivan or the hybrid Pacifica, both of which are among the best selling minivans in the country today.

Reliability and Safety

While the Chrysler 300 is well known for its power and performance, Chrysler also Prides itself on providing consumers with reliable and safe vehicles to drive. Chrysler vehicles are frequently rated among the leader in their respective classes when it comes to overall safety features and safety scores. Furthermore, those that end up getting upgraded packages can receive additional safety features to improve they’re driving experience.

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When buying a new or used Chrysler, Bloomington residents will also benefit from the affordable price structure. While Chrysler is well known for providing stylish, powerful, and reliable vehicles, they are still very affordable compared to other comparable cars. When you are looking for a brand new car, a Chrysler can start for as low as $20,000. Those that are buying a used car from a Chrysler dealership will find that there is always a wide selection of used vehicles that are available for under $10,000. This makes it possible for anyone to find a Chrysler that fits into their budget.


When shopping for a Chrysler Bloomington residents will also be able to take advantage of a variety of promotions that are frequently run by local dealerships and the corporate office. Some of the promotions include receiving and extended warranty that includes a service plan for a period of up to a few years. Other promotions can include receiving cash back, low-interest financing options, and other benefits that can make getting a Chrysler a great decision.