Few Harmful Side Effects of Winstrol Abuse for Men and Women

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While using Winstrol one must exercise caution as sometimes even after short term use people may suffer from its harmful side effects. Let us therefore try to understand whether the side effects are real or simply a myth. Body builders and sportsmen all over the world are taking Winstrol for their performance improvement and muscle development. Its generic name is stanozolol and is capable of creating problems even after short term use.

What are common side effects of Winstrol?

Following are few common side effects observed because of Winstrol and quite many of them are really not too dangerous. The side effects may vary based on the dosage and frequency of intake.

  • Nausea
  • Change in libido
  • Headache
  • Water retention in body
  • Sleeping disorder

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Men may often get painful erection while women may get irregular menstrual cycle, facial hair growth, deepening of voice etc. Winstrol may have adverse effects of very serious kind if younger people take it. It can damage liver, kidney and heart.

Few side effects that have been observed for last few years, which can create long term damage on any person.

  • In 2010 steroid abuse has lead to serious cardiovascular problems
  • In 2016 a young body builder has reported to be suffering from acute myocardial infarction.

In addition to all the above, many cases of liver damage, acute cholestasis, infertility and prostate cancers have also been reported.

Still Winstrol is popular steroid

Being such a popular steroid people cannot easily stop using this drug. Can its adverse affect outweigh its various benefits? Some of the side effects may be mild or temporary. However, some of them can be life threatening too. It is just for nothing that medical professionals have totally discarded its use. Therefore, before you continue with Winstrol, do your homework and know about its effect on your body and then make your decision.

It is true that the reaction of Winstrol is not same with every person. There are number of factors like individual’s age, body weight, dosage taken, potency used and frequency of dose are responsible for both positive and negative reactions. If a person A is suffering from certain side effects then the person B or C may not get that at all.

Some people may also consider to combine some other drug to reduce side effects. You can get more info from Body builder’s website too.