Should I get a passenger or platform lift?

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What is the difference between a platform lift and a passenger lift? The difference is big, however many do not understand the key differences between the two. If you are a project manager and are thinking which of the two would be more suitable for your project, today you are in good hands. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between the two and hopefully this will help you to make a better and well-informed decision. 

A lift essentially is just a mechanical equipment that facilitates the vertical transportation of people and goods in a building. 

Passenger Lift

When a person says the word: “lift”, it is commonly referred to a passenger lift. This type of lift is most commonly seen in public areas. Typically this kind of lift can take up to a capacity of 8 to 12 people. However, do note that it requires a lift shaft to be built to contain a passenger lift. 

Platform Lift

Platform lifts on the other hand isn’t as ‘powerful’ as compared to a passenger lift, as it is typically used only to transport smaller number of passengers and it is meant to cater for shorter distances as well. It is said that they do not travel more than 2 metres. Their speed is also slower compared to a passenger lift. 

One key difference is that a platform lift do not need a pit to be dug below the ground level. When there is a space constrain, a platform lift will come in handy. 

There are many types of platform lifts in the market namely:

Enclosed platform lift

An enclosed platform lift can only move up to six floors and usually can only take up to a maximum number of two wheelchair users. It has a control panel inside the structure for the user to control the movement of the lift. 

– Open platform lift 

Open platform lifts are also used for short distances. On areas where it would not be possible to install a ramp, this is where an open platform lift would come in handy. This is mainly used to transport individuals via a small change in floor level. This lift removes the need for wheelchair users to turn as they can enter directly on one side of the platform and exit. 

– Cabin platform lifts

Cabin platform lifts are built and incorporated into a structure. It is similar to an enclosed platform lift where users travel in a cabin with walls, a floor and a ceiling. It is operated easily by a single touch and constant pressure on the button is not required. This makes the experience similar to a passenger lift. 

– Wheelchair platform stairlifts

Lastly, a wheelchair platform stairlift, which is also known as an inclined platform lift follows the architecture of the stairs. The platform has to be mounted on the rail as it follows the contours of the stair case.