Skincare for your four legged

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When you bring a pet into your family, you make a commitment to love them and ensure that the pet is looked after at all times. It is not easy looking after a pet; you need to provide your pet with all the care and warmth in order to ensure that he is healthy and happy. Skincare is one of the most tedious and important aspects when looking after an animal. The pet can become extremely irritated if he is having issues with the skin. Whether the pet has a shiny coat or is long haired, skincare will play a vital role in its health and wellbeing. As a caring pet owner, you will have to put in efforts and time for the skin care of your pet. Invest in products that are high in quality and easy to use. If you overlook the skin concerns, your pet might suffer from an infection. If the skin of your pet is not looked after, there will be increased chances of an infection of flea infestation. The coat of the pet is very sensitive and any problem could lead to a serious medical condition.

Here is what you need to remember when looking after the coat of your pet.

  1. Infestation by parasites: There are a number of diseases that your pet can suffer from due to the infestation by the parasite. Hence, it is essential to understand the signs and take immediate action.
  2. Flea Infestation: During the hot months of summer, it is common for dogs and cats to be infested by fleas. It also depends on the surroundings your pet spends maximum time in. If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, there are higher chances of an infestation. Fleas can cause a number of allergies to your pet. If you overlook the infestation, it can also lead to anemia which could turn into a deadly disease. A flea infestation can cause excessive itching and scratching. Fleas multiply rapidly hence you need to take immediate action by investing in quality flea treatment products.
  3. Ticks: Ticks are very common amongst pets. They are blood sucking parasite that loves the warm coat of the pet’s skin. They can cause many diseases and could also lead to deterioration of the strength of the bones. It can also cause extreme lethargy to the pet.
  4. Lice: Like fleas, lice have a habit of chewing off the skin of the animal. They live on the blood of your bed and cause serious trouble to the pets. It could lead to heavy itchiness and scratching which can irritate the pet. Lice are difficult to spot on the coat of the dog hence you need to make a routine check from time to time. If you notice a change in the behavior of your pet, run a thorough check for any sort of skin infections.

Here is how you can treat them.

If you identify fleas, lice or ticks on the coat of your pet, you need to take immediate action and treat them. Taking care of ticks and fleas is easy if you start at the right time. With constant monitoring and regular cleaning, you can ensure that there are minimal chances of an infestation. You can use a white towel to check your dog for fleas when you rub the towel on the abdomen and neck of the pet, you will notice if there are any fleas or ticks. You can also use a collar to dispel fleas. However, there is no sure solution for the same. If the pet is infected, you will have to use treatment products that are specially designed to get rid of the fleas. Keep your surroundings clean to keep the pet safe. Bathe the pet every few days and keep the dog clean and healthy at all times. When you purchase flea treatment products, you need to read the label with care and ensure that you are well aware about the application method. If necessary, content the vet and seek advice on the type of products you can use to keep the pet healthy and clean. If your pet is clean, your home will also be clean. Use the right products and ensure that you replace them from time to time. Do not panic if you notice fleas or ticks on the coat of the pet, seek an expert advice and use the treatment products from time to time. Such infections are not uncommon for cats and dogs.