The 3 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

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Airports are big indicators of a country’s progress or regress. They serve as the gates when coming into or coming out of a particular country whether it is for business or for pleasure. A modern, state-of-the-art airport with infrastructure built to serve its passengers’ convenience is considered as a good airport. That’s the reason why governments muster their resources and race against each other to bag the title of the best and beautiful airport.

As for travellers, airports are an essential part of their journey because it serves as a place of departure, arrival, transition, meeting point, or even separation point. Every time we travel, we spend a huge chunk of our time in this place because of the uncertainties that bind our flight such as long layovers, heavy traffic around the airport, flight delays, and cancellations. Luckily for the tech-savvy traveller, inconveniences such as these can easily be avoided as they are equipped with travel apps such as flightradar online which easily tracks aircraft status, delays, airport information, and many more. Giving busy travellers more control over their schedule and give priority to more important matters. With that said, we have enumerated 3 most beautiful airports in the world to include in your next travel.

Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

Coming in strong on our list is Singapore Changi Airport. This airport in the little red dot in Southeast Asia is a very common name already as it has bagged the Skytrax award for the world’s best airport for seven straight years since 2011 and has been named as the world’s best airport for ten times in the 20-year existence of the World Airport Awards.

Actually, there are voluminous activities you can do and sights you can see in the airport upon touchdown. Imagine laying over an airport with a rooftop pool that has a jacuzzi, a kinetic art installation that has a total of 1,216 aluminum and copper raindrops that mesmerize its passers-by, a movie theater for free, an Xbox 360 station, several gardens to walk through, and a wide array of shops and restaurants scattered all over the place.

Even with all the amenities, Singapore Changi Airport does aim to get ahold of the title much longer, as it recently opened its crown jewel, the Jewel Changi Airport. It is a record-breaking billion-dollar project which aims to add more feathers on Changi Airport’s cap for the years to come.

Flughafen München (Munich Airport, Germany)

Munich Airport has two terminals – T1 and T2 – where it is home to various non-Star and Star Alliance Airlines. It is certified as a 5-Star Airport for its departure, arrival, transfer, facilities, shopping comfort, cleanliness, food – of course – staff, and its security and immigration procedures. As of writing, it remains as the only airport in Europe to bag the award of five stars in the Skytrax airport classification. The two terminals are separated by the beautiful Munich Airport Centre, a spacious point amidst the terminals intended for shopping, dining, entertainment and many other activities.

Have you ever thought of experiencing an indoor surfing facility at the airport? Well, that is one of the many reasons that make this airport one of the most attractive and beautiful airports in the world. If you are not into surfing, Munich Airport offers a wide variety of activities such as shopping, dining in one of their 60+ restaurants, taking a tour at Airbräu – Bavaria’s brewery inside an airport – taking a quick shower, working out, mini-golf, walking along the visitor’s terrace and many more!

Denver International Airport (Colorado, United States of America)

Denver International Airport is frequently referred to as DIA in airport codes. It is the biggest airport in the United States by land area and has the lengthiest public runway, a situation on an airport able to carry millions of passengers each year as it is the fifth busiest in passenger traffic all over the world. It is often included in the list of the best airports in America.

Having a long layover or transfer to one of America’s busiest passenger airports, Denver International Airport has made it sure that it offers a variety of shops, restaurants, amenities, and many more. Are you more of the shopaholic type? You’ll never get bored with their local and designer shops like Brookstone, MAC, and Sunglass Hut to name a few. Got a few hours more to kill? Then bask yourself with Denver International Airport’s unique amenities including one of the largest art collections as against other airports in America which features both permanent and temporary exhibits. Some of the examples to name a few include the Open Windows light display in Concourse B – is an 11-foot-high interactive tower of LED lights that responds to your every move. Prefer to de-stress and relax instead? Head to XpresSpa which is in Concourse C. You can choose from a variety of several treatment options to relax.

After all those sightseeing and activities, there is one thing more left to do before you catch your next flight. To eat! Denver International Airport hosts a variety of cuisines to choose from. Fill up your gut and have a fantastic gastronomic experience with their restaurants that are inspired by several people, culture, and of course by no less than Denver itself. From concourse A to concourse C, you will have a hard time choosing which restaurant you would like to have a meal in. Afterwards, head for a drink at their various Colorado-inspired bars.