The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Budget Friendly Event

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When considering organizing and hosting your own business event there are a few negative thoughts that come into your head, from “Is my Business large enough” or “How can I throw a budget-friendly event”. Understandably you want the biggest and best event possible, however, sometimes bigger isn’t better so removing that thought from your mind is the first step towards creating the best possible event. The first step is to focus on the execution of the event and how you’re going to end the night on a better position then you were at the beginning while remaining within your budget. Here are some of the best Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind for your next company event.

Do Plan to Begin Organizing Your Event Months Before

A successful event isn’t merely the numberof tables or what famous DJ you were able to get, the fact of the matter is that for it to be a truly successful event you must plan out a clear mission for the night. Will, it pertains to networking, marketing or all of the above? Simply said, do not leave your business event as an afterthought.

Don’t Purchase an Open Bar

Having an open bar is often one of the best features of an event that entices people to show up. however, don’t assume that paying a fixed cost per person is the most cost-effective way to go about it. It’s safe to assume that not everyone drinks and many who do won’t necessarily be ordering more than a couple of drinks, so a better route to take is to pay what is actually served that night.

Do Have a Live Band

Although many would argue that a DJ is the most cost-effective source of musical entertainment, you also don’t want your company event to turn into prom night. Be creative with your musical choice, for example by taking into consideration something like or a live cover band, there is more of a chance that people won’t simply tune out the tunes.

Do Mail Your Invitations Via Snail-Mail

Although E-mail invitations are instant and cost-effective, your success is dependent on the number of people that show up.Therefore, the best route to take in this case is to send out personal invitations. This is because they are less likely to be overseen by their recipients such as is the case with emails.

Do Keep the Event Going After It Finishes

If your event’s mission is to help your associates’ network with potential clients then allowing people to leave without making a true connection is a huge mistake. So, what can you do? Simply provide guest with cards detailing exactly where they can get in touch with the company, such as a special Facebook Group page or simply your number and company address would be more than sufficient.